Author Showcase- The First Chapter

Mark your calendars!  Starting September the 4th, each week I’ll be showcasing authors first chapters.  Some you’ll know, some are new. September will be erotica, so grab that cup of coffee and get comfy!  The first author in the showcase will be Ophelia Bell.  If you haven’t read her yet, just wait.  You’ll love her world- Dragons! And lots of hot sex.  Two fixes in one!  I counted forty-two books by the very busy Ms. Bell.

Last month, I entered a contest and won a ‘swag bag’ from her!  Oh, and the book?  Just love it.  Autographed too!

Lots of different genres for you to chose from in the coming months.  Take a few minutes and discover erotica, fantasy, paranormal, love, and good old fashioned sweet romance.  Their first chapters will offer you a quick read and I just know you’ll find someone to fall in love with. I’ll throw in a wee bit of mystery and lit in the following months so I’ll have something for everyone.

The erotica authors in our line up are wildly talented and so good.  Like coffee on a cold morning.  They’ll warm you up and get you going.

September 4th, Ophelia Bell

September 11th, Tom Benson

September 18th Imogene Keeper

September 25th Godiva Glenn

Then just wait til October. I’ll be changing genres.  First up will be the very talented Francisco Cordova and his new series.  Fabulous!

Mark your calendars and join me for the First Chapter.

Can’t wait!

As an added plus, join The Very Sherry Terry on her blog on the following Wednesday, where she’ll be discussing the books and giving a review.  Check out her blog and send us your comments.


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