Queens of the Underworld

New Series, coming October 2022

My latest projects!  The Queens of the Underworld! A four-book series, starting in the Realm of Darkness Boxset!  ALL FOUR BOOKS WILL BE PUBLISHED AT THE SAME TIME! No Waiting! This one is gonna be good!  Preorder now!

When darkness falls, beware of the creatures that come out to play…

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The prequel, Themis’s Revenge

She is Themis goddess of Justice, only she can write the rules that govern men. Zeus, king of the gods, has other ideas. Not only did he cheat on her, but he changed her laws. Horrified that Zeus has doomed an innocent man to be fed to the Titan god Typhon, Themis must decend into the depths of hades to save the damned soul- without Zeus’s knowledge.

But an omnipotent being guards the prison of Typhon. One with blood pulsing through his veins. He’s neither god nor demon and he refuses her entry into Tartarus. With no way around him, she must go through him- and step directly into his arms.

In a race against time, Zeus and Typhon’s hunger, Themis is willing to sacrifice everything to save an innocent soul. But is she willing to destroy her own soul by opening her heart again?

One day changes Zeus’s perfect realm of death and brings about a war.
Demise, a lowly Death Taker goes about her duties in a dark world devoid of emotions, colors, taste, touch, and only the sounds of the tormented reach her ears- except in that one moment when she harvests a soul-and their life is broadcast through her. Taste, touch, colors, laughter, and all the pleasures of the living that are denied to her and others in the death realm.
But when a Keres demon stalks a dying man, Demise must save the soul from making a deal with the devil. She reaps the young man life before its time, and from the depths of his soul red smoke pours out-coating the Death realm and with it all the emotions that are denied to her are spewed forth giving all of the Death Takers a taste of the of what it means to be alive.
With demons clambering for his soul-and Zeus reading for a war. Can she deliver Aiden to Tartarus or will she give in to her own desires and keep that man – and her new emotions- for herself?

Demise’s Desire due out Oct 2020
Death’s Lover, due out October 2022

For the first time in her lowly existence Death can feel, see and taste. But war has come to her realm. The death takers are revolting, Haides is leading an army, and Zeus wants her head. Stumbling out of the fray, she finds herself alone on an island with the dreaded Ares god of war-whom she accused of being the usurper behind the war. But as an awakened woman deprived of emotion for so long, can she refute the advances of a god who is used to taking what he wants?
When an army of soldiers appear on the island she must make a decision, go back to the dark world of nothingness-taking souls or fight for her newfound freedom and lead a war against Haides, Zeus, and her own death takers?

Themis is losing the war. Thousands of monsters have been released onto the earth, killing everyone and looking for the man Aiden who can bring life to the death realm.
With thick cat-like legs and leathery wings, Bane, who is not only a Keres demon but the daughter of Themis and Zeus, is torn between two warring parents. She knows what is at stake in the war-the eternity of punishment for the gray souls-ones whose fate was changed by the Morai.
her mother, Themis, demands free will, and the end to eternal punishments.
Her father, Zeus, reveals in human suffering and loves chaos.
She is Themis’s last weapon in the fight for justice-but when Zeus has her cursed by the goddesses of strife, discord and dishonesty-she can only hope to find a way to save her mother and the war. With, Lycon, the head of the werewolf clan, she stalks hades searching for the lost sword of Typhon-with hopes of delivering it to her mother to end the war-or more than likely be compelled by Zeus’s curse to cut off her own mother’s head as punishment for taking sides?
But the werewolf has other ideas. He’s smart and snarly and watches her every move. He’s her only hope of overcoming Zeus’s curses-but then, her father demands his head-and she’s compelled to do whatever he wants.
All eyes are on Hades as the gods and monsters are drawn to the last battle. Bane must find a way to stop the curse-end the war-and save all she holds near her heart.

Bane’s Hope, due out October 2022