Queens of the Underworld Greek God Dating App-Haides

Name: Haides

Parents: Titans Cronus and Rhea

God of the Underworld

Wants: Sunlight, happiness, kids.

Loves: My wife and my three-headed dog

Needs: Spring to get here and bring my wife back.

Hates: Being cooped up by myself. Dead people all around.

What are you looking for in a mate? I have a mate. What’s this about? *shouts* Zeus, you said this was the gods messaging app.

*Zeus* Of course, it is. Just answer the questions-so we can all get to know you.

*Haides* Ok, I’m looking for my wife-she’s my mate.

*Zeus* Pussy.

Past Loves?: Well, I try to be faithful and a good hus-

*Zeus* Double pussy.

*Hades* As I was saying, I’ve tried to be faithful, but there were two other women in my life-

*Zeus* Boring.

*Haides* There was this sexy nymph, Oceanus’s daughter Luce. I kinda kidnapped her and brought her to the underworld. I flirted a bit but she ignored me. Persephone found out and wanted her dead so I returned her topside and turned her into a poplar tree.

There there was this nymph from the river Cocytus. She smelled so sweet and smiled a lot but again Minthe hated my home so I asked for a kiss and said that I’d take her to the human realm for a kiss. I just pecked her on the cheek, I swear. Once topside, I knew it was a mistake and left her, I didn’t want to upset Persephone-

*Zeus* OMG, Big pussy.

*Haides* Shut up, man. Not all of us are assholes to our wives. Persephone deserves my respect.

*Zeus* I tapped that.

*Haides* She’s your daughter.

*Zeus* And??

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Realm of Darkness Author Spotlight Jessica Grayson

Today we have the lovely Jessica Grayson with us! She’s one of the forty-five authors in the Realm of Darkness Boxset who are offering full-length books in this fantasy and paranormal collection of novels!

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Everyone fears the High Elf King. He is known throughout the seven kingdoms as a fierce and lethal warrior. When I accidentally wander too close to the Veil, I’m captured and brought before him. The sentence for trespassing is death. The moment our eyes meet, the King claims I am his Fated One–his Khio’ri. He spares my life, but he refuses to let me go. His people believe that a soulbond woven by fate cannot be undone. Our people have been enemies for hundreds of years. But the more time we spend together, I find myself captivated by this man who would be my husband and king. Now, I find myself wondering: What would it be like if I allowed myself to fall?

I can’t wait to read this one! Ok, so you know me, I want to devour the whole book! A little about Jessica,

USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Grayson writes fantasy and scifi romance about strong heroines and the otherworldly heroes that cannot help but fall in love with them. She lives with her husband, cat and dog in the San Antonio, TX area. In addition to reading and writing romance, she loves swimming, chai and dark chocolate.

And if you want to get a head start on Jessica’s novels she has two out in the same universe!

Everyone fears the Dark Elf King. Varys is known as a fierce and lethal warrior; none can stand against his armies.

When I’m captured by the Dark Elves and taken before their king, my first thought is of escape. The moment our eyes meet, King Varys claims I am his Fated One—his Khio’ri.

Humans and Elves have been enemies for centuries, but his people believe that a soulbond woven by fate cannot be undone.

I doubt he’s ever going to let me go. But what does it mean to be Bound to the Dark Elf King?

Everyone fears the Dragons that live in the ice mountains, beyond the edge of our kingdom. Fierce creatures that can take the shape of a man or that of a terrifying beast.

Accused of practicing witchcraft, I’m sentenced to death by my Uncle—the King. Tied to a stake and sentenced to burn, he offers me as sacrifice to the fierce Dragon King.

Queens of the Underworld Greek God Dating App-Hera

Name: Hera, Sister and Wife of Zeus. Queen of Olympus, loved by Zeus.

Parents: Chronus and Rhea

Goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth.

Loves: Zeus. My pets. Oh, our kids too.

Wants: Zeus

Hates: Those awful women who think that Zeus could be theirs! Really? He married me! He loves me! I’m everything to him. We are a family first and foremost.

What are you looking for in a mate? Mate? I have a mate. What kind of questions are these?

*App Master* Lady Hera, this is an application for the Greek God-

*Zeus interrupts* Greek God Messaging app-to keep family close.

Thera continues- See? He’s all for our family, aren’t you dear?

*Zeus chuckles* Of course, my love.

Past loves? Oh, I’ve been faithful to Zeus-always. There was this one time when Ixion tried to me but, Zeus threw him into Tartarus, for his attempted cuckolding of Zeus.

I think we’re done now.

This is a companion to my Facebook page, stop by for some snark! Also, you can pre-order Themis, the first book in the Queens of the Underworld Series in the Realm Of Darkness Boxset. Forty-five full-length novels by USA Today Bestsellers and other great authors! Grab your copy today!

Author Spotlight-Realm of Darkness KC Freeman

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Join me in welcoming the GREAT KC Freeman. Besides being a wonderful author, she is an excellent editor that I couldn’t do without.

The Realm of Darkness features Forty-Five Full-Length Books and I’m gonna give you a sneak peak of each!

Blurb-Jasper is here to prove that angels may have hearts of gold and be warriors for Heaven, but this angel is too sexy for his … well, anything. He’s fun and adventurous with a daring, provocative side that tempts even the most grounded woman — including one who knows that you can’t tame this angel and his renegade heart.

KC Freeman, paranormal romance/mystery author and winner of the 2021 Firebird Book Awards for Paranormal Fiction.

After leaving the corporate world to raise her five rambunctious children with her husband in North Carolina, KC Freeman eventually found her way back to her lifelong desire to write fiction. First, she dipped her toes in the writing world by ghostwriting cozy mysteries and romance novels.

She struck out on her own to write urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Rekindled Prophecy: Greylyn the Guardian Angel Series Book 1 was originally published by Zimbell House Publishing November 2019; however, due to the publisher closing their business, KC has chosen to relaunch the first book in the Greylyn series.

Additionally, she contributed a paranormal romance short story to the Autumn/Winter 2017 anthology The Bowman’s Inn; as well as another paranormal romance short story released March 21, 2019 with the After Dark anthology where readers will be introduced to an upcoming character in the Greylyn saga.

KC writes mostly fantasy and paranormal romance novels, especially angels and demons.

When she is not writing, KC is running her children to practices, football games, swim meets, wrestling tournaments, and generally all over town. In her spare time…who are we kidding? She doesn’t have any of that.

AND she forgot something… She won first place in the Naked Reviewers Best Novel of the Year Contest. How do I know? Because my book, Twisted, came in second!

Warrior for good. Slayer of demons. This petite guardian may look like an angel, but she is pure wrath.

Heaven and Hell collide at a quaint inn nestled in the Shenandoah Mountains. Despite plans of a relaxing vacation after 450 years of saving humans, a guardian angel is put to the ultimate test. Pure unadulterated evil, in the form of a sexy dark guardian and Hell’s most lethal weapon, is on the scene and he aims to misbehave.

An unlikely alliance binds eternal enemies together in a quest to unravel a prophecy so deadly that Heaven refused to write it down.

Greylyn the Guardian Angel series is an epic paranormal romance full of adventure, mystery, and a passion that burns stronger than the flames of Hell.

Queens of the Underworld, Greek God Dating App- Apollo

Name: Apollo

Parents: Zues and Leto

God of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, the Sun and light, poetry, and more but I don’t want to brag.

Voted Most Beautiful Male-ever for a thousand years. No one can beat my record!

Loves: Sex, Me, Wine.

Hates: Hera for what she did to my mother. Just because Hera was jealous of my mother was no reason to send a dragon to pursue Leto over the whole world. Nobody would accept the pregnant Titaness, except for the island of Delos, where mom first delivered my twin sis, Artemis, while balancing her body on a freaking olive branch. I killed the dragon four days later at the oracle of Delphi then claimed it as my own. Screw Themis, she didn’t deserve it.

Hates: Demanding women, demanding men. You’re responsible for your own pleasure, just give me mine.

Wants: Worship, wine, sex, male, female, fae, nymph-would like a centaur. Groups preferable.

Doesn’t want: A yammering imbecile. I don’t care what your gown looks like, take it off and shut up.

Past Relationships: Fell in love with Coronis but she betrayed me while pregnant with my own son! I had my sister send a plague then fell with her arrows onto the land of Coronis taking many humans as well as my cheating girlfriend-and no, it matters not that I was having an affair with three sisters at the time. That’s not the point. She cheated on me! Coronis died but I saved my son. I gave him to Chiron-the dude with the tail-to raise for me.

Marpessa. I opened my heart once again to the lovely Marpessa but her lover claimed her after going through hell. He had the audacity to threaten me while I laid my heart open. My father intervened saving the idiot from death but Marpessa chose him because she feared I wouldn’t love her when she got old and shriveled. I wouldn’t have-who wants that? I’ll be beautiful forever I need someone youthful and fresh-weekly.

I fell in love with the nymph Daphne but she had vowed to Artemis to remain eternally innocent. Who wants to be a virgin forever? I should have known she wasn’t good enough for me. She asked her father, the river god Peneus, to transform her into something else. to get away from me! And just as I was about to embrace her, she was turned into a laurel tree. I swore to love her forever and, ever since, I wear a laurel wreath as a token of my unhappy love. Yeah, I took that off.

Loved the human man, Hyacinthus but he had his own admirer who killed my beloved Hyacinthus while we were throwing discus on the playing field. Hyacinthus hit himself in the head and died in my arms. I named a flower after him.

Enough of that crap. Who’s up for some Apollo worship?

Realm of Darkness-Author Spotlight-Sky Sommers

Sky Sommers!!!

I’m so excited! Sky Sommers is sharing her cover with me and The Realm of Darkness is now available for pre-order on Amazon!!!

Forty-Five Full-Length books for only .99c for pre-order!

Welcome! Today we are going to look at the fabulous Sky Sommers complete book in the Realm of Darkness!

It’s a WINNER! Can’t wait!

Blurb: After a stint in the Magic Kingdom, Marina returns to her glitzy Moscow life as the new Goddess of Fate with an angel in tow. Gabriel, a former guardian is atoning for his decisions as Fate’s bodyguard. First order of business: keep Marina’s jealous ex away from her. Second: restore magic on Earth. As Marina tries to explain botox and face control to Gabriel, the olden Goddess of Fate has schemes of her own.
Will Gabriel be able to let go of the past? Can Marina navigate the mayhem of her new job with charm alone or will she remain a goddess without magic? And how exactly do you tell your FSB-anointed father you’re now immortal?

Sky Sommers is hiding behind a pen name on account of having authored academic books in her former life. Her debut novel in 2012 was about ancient goddesses running amok, trying to get their wilted powers back. Ten years later, she wants to right some wrongs, and pairing up two immortals – a goddess and a guardian angel – seemed like a good idea. She lives in a house with a small garden with her husband and mostly one but on occasion plus four kids. No dog.

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Chiron, Centaur, Queens of the Underworld’s Greek God Dating App

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Name: Chiron

Parents: Cronus and Philyra, a sea nymph

Likes: Healing, Astrology, and history.

Lives: Currently living in Hades, cursed to serve the lava god, Phlegethon.

Hobbies: Archery, talking to my skull buddies that I saved from Phlegethon, and bootlegging contraband to Hades. Drinking tea.

Wants: An intelligent man or woman, and since I live in Hades, they would need to be dead too. I’d like a friend with a grey soul, as only grey and black souls are allowed in this section of the underworld. May consider a black soul if it’s not too tainted.

Sexual Orientation: Not important, but I don’t mind cuddles, and yes, you may comb my tail if you wish and if the need arises.

More about me: I be a-wanting a good storytellin’ friend. Someone to spend the hour or two that I have to meself about once a day. I’ve built meself a nice cottage, down the dune from the lava river. Ye can’t be a missing it, tis made of the discarded bones that we couldn’t be a finding the rest of the bodies fer. I’ve got me a few friends at my hut too. Skull buddies that love ta sing a greetin’ to all who enter my humble abode. I’ll put on the tea kettle fer ya, and we can get to the jabbering.

The Realm of Darkness: The Mermaid & the Pearl, (The Little Mermaid meets Corpse Bride) by Rosalyn Briar

Today is the first day of The Realm of Darkness Takeover Blog!

Welcome Rosalyn Briar!

As a performer in the underwater Cirque du Mer, Muriel charms skeletons to dance using her voice and magic pearls. When the circus travels to the Crescent Reef, Muriel is eager to take part in the Sacrifice. She desires to sink the ships of humans, the vile creatures who had once enslaved her.

During the Sacrifice, though, Muriel comes upon a different type of human—a woman. Instead of feeding the woman to the Moon Priestess’ kraken, Muriel saves her. Soon, she learns that Yara is a princess and, despite being human and mer, they have much in common. A romance blossoms between the pair, until Yara’s rescue ship arrives.

When the depressed Muriel learns that Yara has died in another shipwreck, she rushes to the Moon Priestess for help. Muriel gives up her voice as payment, and the Moon Priestess turns Yara into an undead mermaid. Muriel has three days to make Yara fall in love and find her soul’s pearl—all the while performing in the circus.

Can love conquer death?

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