Book Review – No Regrets in Paris

Book Discussion and reviews of No Regrets In Paris. Come join us.

Very Sherry Terry

A little about Jim first:

Currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, Jim has spent countless hours in bars and hotels while traveling internationally, making some interesting life choices along the way. He’s lived in Paris, London, Sofia, and all across the United States. An avid traveler and sports fan, he can often be found telling stories in his local pub. With degrees in political science and IT, Jim is used to talking at length about nothing in particular. To learn more about Jim and his writing, visit his blog.

RA Winter’s Review: 4 Stars

No Regrets in Paris is a different type of romance. It’s from a guys point of view, which in itself is pretty novel. So, what does a guy do after getting dumped… have you ever wondered? Read No Regrets in Paris to find out.

There are bits that might make you cringe. There is a lot…

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The First Chapter

Today, I want to talk about your first chapter.  It has to grab the reader, make them have to continue on.  The first chapter will either doom you, or pull you up.

That’s why I’m doing my new blog.  First of all, there are so many talented authors out there, stuck in the middle and end pages of Amazon.  There are millions of books in competition for the top spots on their site and others ebook dealers.

Why do some authors go Indie?  I have one friend, who had a contract with a publishing house that shut down.  It took her a while to get back her rights for her own book!  She, however, was one of the lucky ones.  Others weren’t and are still waiting out the end of their contract so they can publish on their own.

The best thing about publishing traditionally is the perks.  Editors, proofreaders, copy editors and cover artist.  These are very expensive endeavors for the little guy without a lot of funds.

These are some of the reasons I joined  I belong to an “uber group”.  A fast-paced group of ladies who read my work, comment, tweak it, beta read it and make it all sparkly.  We’ve been lucky.  We click in all of the right places.  I do the same things for them, too.  Often it is harder to crit your own writing.  Why?  Because of the way our brains are wired.  We know the story, it came from us… so all of the missing pieces are there.  When someone else reads your work, they don’t have those little tidbits of information that our brains ‘type’ in.

I advise everyone to join a writing circle, if not on Scribophile then on one of the other writing sites, but I love Scrib and wouldn’t think of leaving.

Back to the first chapter, I’ll be posting works from some truly great artist. You may not agree with me on all of them.  All we are asking is for you to read the first chapter and make up your own mind.  I’ll be posting Monday’s and some Fridays.  Come by and take a peek, then head over to Sherry Terry’s blog on Wedneday and read reviews.  Post your comments here and on her website.

Seasoned and new authors need input.  Did you like it? Does it make you want to read more?  Make up your own mind.

If this is a hit, then in the following months, I’ll be posting more and adding new days.  Sherry can’t keep up with all of the reviews, even though she has a team behind her- but you can make up your own mind.  I’d like to post erotic/romance Mondays, Fantasy Tuesday, Mystery Wednesday, Mash-up Thursdays, and Extras on Fridays.  Reviews on Saturdays (for ‘other’ books, this will be an audience invite so we can hear about your favorite authors.)

Hit me up with you ideas on how to make this a reader’s favorite blog.  What do you need besides the First Chapter to decide?  Then run over to Sherry Terry’s blog and give her some love.  She’s swamped with words.   And, the wonderful Sherry has already started with reviews and conversations.






Book Review – a clear day in october

Check out Sherry Terry’s blog as she discusses a poetry piece by Jim Lewis. Read the poem, and join in with your thoughts.

Very Sherry Terry

A little about Jim first:

Jim Lewis is an internationally-published poet described by his friends as a Renaissance Man, multi-talented, remarkable, or sometimes as “odd, but in a good way.” By profession, he is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, with a parallel career in technology. By hobby, he is a musician, writer, photographer, and kayaker.

Jim s interest in writing goes back to his early youth, but he only started to send out his poetry to editors and publishers when he reached his sixties. To his surprise and delight, several pieces were quickly accepted for publication, and so for the first time he envisioned a collection of his favorite poems.

These hand-picked favorites have been paired with his own photography to share with you as a clear day in october.

To find out more about Jim, please visit his website.

My Review:

Well done, Jim! This book is fantastic!

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Introverted Author Problems

This is definitely me! I have to have alone time or…. well, it never ends well. Hello! From a Vicious & Delicious fellow critter. Love you, too!

KC Freeman - Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

I know. I know. I promised more teasers of Rekindled Prophecy, but something has been gnawing at me for a few days now. Thought I’d share and see if others experience the same issues or have advice.

First, a little backstory on me. I am in introvert. You probably guessed from the title of the article, but this is kinda like AA for Introverts.

“Hi. My name is KC. I’m an introvert.”

Everyone chimes in, “Hi, KC!”

I’ve been an extrovert/introvert my entire life. What does that mean? I acted like I enjoyed all the social hustle bustle of life, but inwardly I hated it. Ask my friends in high school, college, post-college/pre-marriage. I was the one dragging everyone out on the weekends to party and dance. Yes, I still like to dance but prefer my parties to be much, much smaller.

You see I fought the introvert thing for…

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Author Showcase- The First Chapter

Mark your calendars!  Starting September the 4th, each week I’ll be showcasing authors first chapters.  Some you’ll know, some are new. September will be erotica, so grab that cup of coffee and get comfy!  The first author in the showcase will be Ophelia Bell.  If you haven’t read her yet, just wait.  You’ll love her world- Dragons! And lots of hot sex.  Two fixes in one!  I counted forty-two books by the very busy Ms. Bell.

Last month, I entered a contest and won a ‘swag bag’ from her!  Oh, and the book?  Just love it.  Autographed too!

Lots of different genres for you to chose from in the coming months.  Take a few minutes and discover erotica, fantasy, paranormal, love, and good old fashioned sweet romance.  Their first chapters will offer you a quick read and I just know you’ll find someone to fall in love with. I’ll throw in a wee bit of mystery and lit in the following months so I’ll have something for everyone.

The erotica authors in our line up are wildly talented and so good.  Like coffee on a cold morning.  They’ll warm you up and get you going.

September 4th, Ophelia Bell

September 11th, Tom Benson

September 18th Imogene Keeper

September 25th Godiva Glenn

Then just wait til October. I’ll be changing genres.  First up will be the very talented Francisco Cordova and his new series.  Fabulous!

Mark your calendars and join me for the First Chapter.

Can’t wait!

As an added plus, join The Very Sherry Terry on her blog on the following Wednesday, where she’ll be discussing the books and giving a review.  Check out her blog and send us your comments.