California Dreamin 2017 Writers Conference Part 8

Great post about your pitch and its importance.


Pitch Practice with Beth Yarnall

Late Friday evening, the first day of the conference, Author Beth Yarnell held a very detailed pitch practice for everyone who signed up to pitch on Saturday. She found out how few of us had ever pitched before, so instead of doing an overview, she chose to do a deep dive. I am so glad she did.

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Author Interview, Demi Hungerford

This month I’m interviewing Demi Hungerford.  This is one busy lady.  You should check out her facebook page and watch a few videos.  Demi raises parrots and other birds.  Each day her posts have interesting tidbits about the babies she’s raising.

Born and raised in Southern California, DL Hungerford began writing right about the time you would expect. She has worked as a child care provider, a cook, a caterer, a clerk, customer service operator, blackjack dealer, house cleaner, bird breeder, a case worker for local government, and a supervisor of case workers. She honed her writing skills through fanzines, epic letters, and minutes for various clubs. She also wrote newsletter submissions for clubs, as well as movie and book reviews.

DL loves the world of fiction, especially Regency England, but hopes to explore other horizons as time permits. She still lives in Southern California with her husband, a spoiled cat, a spoiled dog, and a flock of parrots and other birds.

She also writes under the pen name of Roxanna Haley. You can contact her through any of the various links below:


And of course, Demi is the lead on the Bowman’s Inn Anthologies.  A magical mind at work!


What are your ambitions for your writing career? Success. And yes, that’s a very relative term. Of course, I’d love to be self-sufficient and able to support my husband in the manner to which he’d like to become accustomed. But as long as I have a knot of fans who read my writing and beg for more, that is success to me.\

I’ve always loved your writing, so count me as a fan!

What drew you to write in this genre? I came to the Regency genre because I started writing fan fiction for TV shows, including Star Trek. The Original Series. I grew frustrated that there was no universe I liked that I could use without getting lots of permissions. Then I started reading the Romances, and I was hooked. The language, the social customs, the devious ways around those strict customs, and everything just clicked for me.

I’m with you!  Oh, and I had a crush on Spock for years!

What part of your writing time do you devote to marketing your books? I spend some time on the weekends Tweeting and posting on Facebook. I haven’t really done a good job at getting my work out there. I hope to keep working on that.

So, as a romance writer, I have to ask…

Do you live a romantic life? For various reasons, I lived a very lonely life until I turned 40. That’s when I met my honey, the love of my life. I took a chance and got to know him, and three months later he asked me to marry him. We’ve been together for 21 years and married for 19. I wrote romance novels until I met him because I was missing that in my real life. I stopped writing for some years while he met all of my romance needs. Now, not that anything has changed, but the kids are grown and I am retired, so I’m back to writing. He likes being my research test subject.

Any advice you’d give your younger self? Keep pushing, keep going, and be of a positive outlook as much as humanly possible.

That’s great advice.  Thanks Demi for giving me your time!