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This is a fantastic novel. I loved the first book and I love this one just as much, maybe more. This novel is as much about Grandfather as it is about Painted Girl and RedHorse. There are so many funny scenes especially with Dingle but also many serious scene that make you think. One major them is understanding and accepting of one’s heritage as well as learning to love oneself before loving another. I love how RA writes, it is so fluid and weaves everyone’s story together into one epic tale. I so cannot wait for the next one.

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It is easy to kill people. All you have to do is close your mouth, do nothing and turn away. It is just as easy to be opinionated and pontificate, take the high moral ground and lecture the silent majority on their inaction. All you have to do is open your mouth, do nothing and still let them die. The sad fact is that regardless of what we like to believe we should or could do, life is cheap and most people work hard to avoid looking their own conscience in the eye. I know I don’t.

I am doing some research for a book I am writing, about a murderer on the loose in 19th Century Ireland. The backdrop is the terrible period in Irish history known to all Irish people simply as ‘the famine.’ It was a national tragedy spread out over decades that left an enduring…

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Best way to format a novel.

So, you’ve written your greatest work and want to upload it to one of the major retailers. Wait!
After the content of your novel, agonizing over a cover and making your manuscript picture perfect, do yourself a favor.
Run it through Smashwords style guide stripper. Why, you ask would you want a naked novel? Because, when you write your book in one software, convert it, then upload it at a retailer, you may notice odd problems with the preview tool.

Text might be odd looking.
Multiple line indents.
Colors in text.
Paragraphs or words missing.
Empty pages.
Backward commas.
Capitalized words in odd places…
I could go on.

When you write in word, (or many other programs for that matter), codes are placed in your writing. Codes that say italic this, capitalize this, paragraph here, etc. You get the picture.
But, software doesn’t always chat nicely with others.
Even converting your book to a PDF online doesn’t guarantee pristine results.
Using the Smashword’s style guide does.
It walks you through all the steps for eBook formatting.
It strips your manuscript down to the core, so when it is uploaded, you get a beautiful results.
Download it here, for free.

One word of warning. When it says to copy and past your doc into WORD use WORD, not notepad. I you use notepad, you will have to add all of your italic text back into the document manually.