Author interview: Julia Ward

Julia Ward 


I met Julia on   I recently had the pleasure of reading her piece for the new Bowman’s Inn Anthology. Her writing is smooth, compelling and  lovely.  Now, on to the questions!

Do your romance novels feature sex and if so where do you lie on the spectrum between fade-to-black and explicit?

Julia: My romances are on the sweet side. I do have some that are more explicit but still not bad. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being mildest, many would be a one or two with a couple being closer to five or six.

How do your friends and family feel about your writing?

Julia: Local friends and family know that I write, some even know my pen name and some are beta readers for me. They’re really great about it. It’s a low key group so they know I write, but they don’t bug me about getting published or anything. In fact, at Thanksgiving one year I disappeared to hide in the laundry room to write (using Word on my phone) and my mom-in-law caught me. I think I startled her, lurking in the dark room. But she was cool about it. She totally got it. In fact, the family has gotten bigger and louder, I think she wanted to join me. Everyone is very supportive though. It’s been great.

 What is your favorite motivational phrase.

Julia: This term always makes me think of the “Hang in there!” Kitty poster. So that might be it. 😀

 What do your fans mean to you?

Julia: Like any art form, the fans are The Reason. Like a tree falling in the forest, if there’s no one to hear it, it doesn’t matter if it makes a sound. Same with artists and their audiences. I write because I seem to need to write. No one reading won’t stop me. But if there’s no one to read then what I say doesn’t matter.

Without fans I’m just an author in potentia. With fans, I’m an author.

 Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Julia: Oh, man. I used to be a night owl. Until I owned a business that had me at work by 6:00 am. I had to be in bed by 9:00 and asleep soon after. I need a full eight hours of sleep so my schedule was very strict during those years. I think it retrained me. Though, if I stay up past 11:00 I usually get a second wind and then I’m up until about 2:00ish. But even with that sleeping schedule change, I’m still not a morning person. I can be functional and even chipper if I really have to be but I prefer silence, darkness and coffee first thing in the morning. That might come out in a character or two.

Julia Ward is a Pacific Northwest native. During childhood she delighted in running with the family’s pack of dogs through the neighboring forest, pretending so many adventures. More stories filled her head over the years with only a few making it to paper. Now, with kids grown with kids of their own, she looks forward to sharing her stories with others and hopes they’ll bring a little fun or love into someone’s life.

A variety of disparate jobs during her years has given her some interesting experiences and knowledge leading to the formation of some quirky characters.

Currently, her primary genre leans toward the romantic side but she also has works in progress that wander into the sci-fi as well as the paranormal realms.

Julia looks forward to getting to know her readers and hopes they enjoy her work.

You can find a little more about her at About.Me/JuliaWardAuthor

And some of her rambles (and perhaps a snippet or two) at



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