A word of caution. Me and my bad luck.

Today I had a bad review of a book that I’ve had so much trouble with. It was irritating to say the least. The comment was that it was a good story but the pink and blue splotches over the book were annoying… Pink and blue splotches?

I honestly have no idea where those came from. When I look at the manuscript on my computer, no splotches, when I look at my book online… no splotches.

When I had a friend look at my book, he saw SPLOTCHES… so, who’s the artist here? Is there a bug somewhere or is it just my bad luck??

My luck, not bad luck, just MINE!! Anyway, I noticed that when I did my create space novel, which I took weeks to put in page numbers, headers, footers and drop caps to my liking, that it was copied over to Amazon somehow. Maybe I accidentally did it, I don’t know but a written novel manuscript does not work for an ebook manuscript.

Here is a GREAT resource for ebook manuscripts http://catherineryanhoward.com/2010/09/06/how-to-format-your-e-book-the-non-migraine-inducing-way/ Also, one point she didn’t have is to make your margins .5 all around.

CAM00351 I would like to introduce you to my son’s dog. His name is Kempack, he’s a cross between Goofy and Scooby Dumb. Notice his tongue sticking out? It’s usually there and hilarious to see in person! This is Kempeck’s story.
Noah opened the door, one cold January morning and in ran a puppy. The pup climbed up onto his shoulders, clawing him as he went, looking for warmth. The lost pup had no hair on his body and he was one dirty, stinky dog. He had frost bite on most of his body and was almost skeletal from lack of food. We have no idea how long the puppy was outside but since the moment my son gave him some food, Kempeck will not leave his side. That moment started a fast friendship between the two.
You’ll notice that even while it is June, Kempeck has no hair on 40% of his body. The good thing is that with care some of his skin has turned pink. He still has black patches on most of his body, very little hair but his boy parts are no longer swollen and odd looking. Kempeck aims to please and his main goal in life is a cuddle from Noah. Kempeck still stinks from the frostbite and requires baths daily which he enjoys immensely.
Whoever put this poor puppy outside on a snowy night should be ashamed of themselves. The temperature was below zero and the puppy had no collar or tags to identity his home. We tried to find the owner, we put up ads thinking that you had ‘lost’ him but no one came forward. If Noah hadn’t opened the door that night, Kempeck would have died a very horrible slow death in the cold, all alone.


Today I found out that I had been pirated, that my books were up on a site for free.  I was mad, irritated and angry!  I work hard writing and promoting my work.  If I want to give them away, which I occasionally do, it is on MY terms.

However, I found a quick note at the end of the page, it said,

Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love | By RA Winter, these are great books that I think are not only fun to read but also very educational.

It was the nicest thing a reader has ever said about me.  Pirated or not, I am humbled and pleased.

I have to tell you that for the past week, I have been very nervous.  I asked for professional reviews of my books and I told them to publish  their reviews, whether they was good or bad.  At first my thoughts were, hey, if they hate it, then I’m not a good writer.  Afterwards, it scared me because this is what I love to do!  Reviews are every writers reward.  Good reviews are validation for the writing community.  We strive for those few readers to write, “Oh, loved it.”  However, a professional reviewer will pick apart your plot, characters and grammar *lol*.  To have a professional critique my work is scary.

But then I found this note, and I know that I will NEVER be the next Jane Austen but I have become, at least in one little unsuspecting pirate’s eyes, someone who writes great books that are fun to read and educational.  

That is all I’ve ever wanted from my writing.

Learn a little, Love a Little, Laugh while you do it, The Kiowa in Love Series.


I want to say a special thanks to everyone who downloaded my books during my count down days. It’s exciting and humbling watching your books swim off the rocks. (I would rather say flying off the tree but hey, I don’t write No Fifty Shades O’ Gray) (There should be an attitude font…. One that implies snap fingers, just sayin’!)
kitty Listen to the Kitty….

Free today and tomorrow on Amazon! Full review of The Architect’s Essence: Salvation and Ruin

The Architect’s Essence: Salvation and Ruin a Kindle Edition by D.R. Johnson (Author), Suzannah Johnson (Editor), Gary Carroll (Editor), Andrew Read (Illustrator) 529 pages.
A well thought out world captivates and entertains and that’s exactly what D.R. Johnson did for me.
The Architect’s Essence begins with the creation of an epic world with conflict and war. This book has it all, the undead, mystery, mayhem and immortals to name a few. A primal conflict among species and the Architect’s Essence is at the center of it all. The Fight has just begun.
D.R.’s map of the world. The Known Expanse (Shiny)
D.R. envelopes the reader into a new unknown world effortlessly, providing the thrill of a good sword fight, the horrors of the undead descending on an unsuspecting city and a flight of fancy on a dragon’s wings. Oh, did I mention a wee bit of girl on girl action? No? Has it!
If you love Science Fiction, new worlds that stretch your imagination, you’ll love the Architect’s Essence: Salvation and Ruin. Remember, no one is just a number.

Indie Author Covers DIY

Honestly, I never thought that a book cover would be that important. I assumed that the WORDS were important, but alas, I was wrong! I had a couple of sites refuse to include my book because they stated that my cover was no professional.
So, as with every new Indie Author, I decided to do it myself. I just didn’t realize how hard that was going to be. First, you need an image and if you are on a zero budget, that can be hard. I found images for free on morguefile.com. Don’t let the name fool you, they have some interesting photo’s with great depth. There are some other sites to that offer free or low cost images. Just make sure that they allow you to use it as a book cover.
My second problem came with finding a software to fit my needs. I found this site https://www.canva.com You can upload your own images or use theirs for 1.00, some of their images are free but I like the ability to use 2 images or more and have them fade into one another. I also like some of their fonts.
Amazon has a cover creator but I’m not that crazy about it, there are others.
I would appreciate it if you would add links to other sites where you create your images and/or software that you use. I will post more sites as time allows and also add in some webpages where you can get free images.
If you’d like some help, leave a comment and I’ll help out. Maybe we could help each other!

Today’s book review!

Today I started reading The Architect’s Essence: Salvation and Ruin by D.R. Johnson. I have to say that it is a compelling read. D.R. has created a whole new fantasy world with every imaginable character involved! The world has been created, the factions are in play, enemies have been chosen and the immortals are plotting. Can’t wait to read the rest!



My visitors for the day. It’s no wonder I put friendly deer in my books! Grandfather named all of the deer on his property, so I will too. This little bucks name is Dead Meat if he doesn’t stay away from my bird feeders! Lol, just kidding.I do wish he would stop taking them down. I enjoy all the birds on my property!

He likes to stick his head in my kitchen window when I’m not cooking. Occasionally, he scares the bejesus out of me. Nothing like a head sticking in a window on a dark and stormy night to scare me!

My day

Why is it that I dread going to bed at night, wanting to stay up as long as possible. Nevertheless, every morning I wake up and wish that I could spend hours longer in bed?
Is it just me or are their other sleep hypocrites out there?

Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love

Little Sparrow is a romantic comedy about embracing Native American heritage and love. The story revolves around Grandfather, a collector of grandchildren, trying his best to preserve his heritage while making sure his grandchildren are happy.
Karen is one of Grandfather’s lost. She “thinks” she’s happy in New York, but Grandfather’s devised a plan to get her home and hooked up with a man.Karen has no idea that she’s being manipulated into coming home for Thanksgiving. A horrible storm forces her to spend the night in a hotel.. with a man she just met!Richard had lost his wife years ago and hadn’t opened his heart to anyone, until he met Karen. They’d hit if off so well. Everything was going perfectly, until she’d run away from him and swore never to sleep with him again.

Back home, Thanksgiving had turned into a complete fiasco. Her mother was selling the family farm, her dog was ill, and she’d slept with a man who could end her career, only to find out that her mother had invited him to Thanksgiving!

Enter Grandfather. He helped raise Karen the Kiowa way. He wants Karen to find herself, she’s lost the Indian in her. She’d run away from her family, but now she was home and he needs to find a way to keep her there, with him. He needs to pass his heritage on to the next generation before they became lost, too.

Grandfather took one look at Richard and decided to put him through the trials, No one courted one of his granddaughters unless they were worthy. Grandfather had to make sure that Richard would honor their ways. But even if Richard passed Grandfather’s trials, could Grandfather convince the both of them that they belong together and in Kansas?

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