Tartarus-Greek God Dating App, Queens of the Underworld

Tartarus, the name was used for the deepest region of the underworld, where the gods locked up their enemies and the dreaded Titans. The worst punishments were eeked out in this realm. Tartarus was one of the personified elements of the world, along with Gaea (Earth) and others. Tartarus and Gaea produced the monster Typhon

It was far below where the god Hades resided and it was the most horrible prison. The distance between Tartarus and Haides was the same as between the earth and Haides, it would take nine days for an anvil to reach Haides if dropped from earth, and another nine days from Haides to Tartarus. Although the kingdom of Hades was the place of the dead, Tartarus was where ferocious monsters and horrible criminals were banished, or where the gods imprisoned their rivals after a war. The three judges of the Underworld, Rhadamanthus, Aeacus, and Minos, decided who would go to the realm of Hades and who would be banished to Tartarus.

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Hades-Queens of the underworld

The place no one wants to visit.

When an anvil falls from earth nine days later it will slam into the deepest parts of Hades. Filled with the stench of mold and dead bodies, this realm is dark and filled with the voices of the doomed and bodiless ghosts flitted across the grey fields.

Pay the ferryman Charon or forfeit your chance at having an afterlife. He carries the souls of those who had received the rites of burial, across the river Styx.

Hades is surrounded by five rivers, each one representing an emotion connected with the underworld: the Styx (hatred), Acheron (pain), Lethe (forgetfulness), Phlegethon (fire), and Cocytus (wailing). Charon received the souls from Death (Or Hermes in mythology) and then guide them to the other side of the Styx River. The dead were buried with a coin under their tongue in order to pay Charon for their ride. Those who could not pay, or who had not received a proper burial, were turned back. The ghosts of the unburied were returned to the realm above to haunt the living in the form of dreams and to demand a proper burial.

The underworld’s entrance is not a very welcoming place, with Anxiety, Grief, Diseases, Old Age, Hunger, Fear, Agony, Death, and Sleep awaiting you. The entrance is guarded by Cerberus, a vicious three-headed dog whose duty is to keep the souls from leaving Hades.

Once Charon ferries the souls to the other side, the newly dead are then at the mercy of three judges: Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Aeacus. They decide the fate of the souls and send them to one of three places. If chosen for Elysium, the souls first drink from the river Lethe, to forget everything of their former life and commence a pleasant afterlife. Within the realm of Elysium, one can also find the Isles of the Blessed. When a soul has reached Elysium three times in a row, they are then granted access to the Isles of the Blessed for an eternity of unending bliss.

The second location, the Fields of Punishment, is designated for those who commit crimes against the gods. Hades decides on their individual punishment himself.

The Fields of Asphodel, thirdly, are for the souls who have not achieved greatness nor committed crimes against the gods.

Queens of the Underworld Greek God Dating App-Hera

Name: Hera, Sister and Wife of Zeus. Queen of Olympus, loved by Zeus.

Parents: Chronus and Rhea

Goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth.

Loves: Zeus. My pets. Oh, our kids too.

Wants: Zeus

Hates: Those awful women who think that Zeus could be theirs! Really? He married me! He loves me! I’m everything to him. We are a family first and foremost.

What are you looking for in a mate? Mate? I have a mate. What kind of questions are these?

*App Master* Lady Hera, this is an application for the Greek God-

*Zeus interrupts* Greek God Messaging app-to keep family close.

Thera continues- See? He’s all for our family, aren’t you dear?

*Zeus chuckles* Of course, my love.

Past loves? Oh, I’ve been faithful to Zeus-always. There was this one time when Ixion tried to me but, Zeus threw him into Tartarus, for his attempted cuckolding of Zeus.

I think we’re done now.

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Queens of the Underworld Greek Gods Dating App- Lycon- the Wolf

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Name: Lycon

Race: Werewolf

Wants: Long-term relationship doesn’t mind complications or kids.

Needs: Woman who understands pain. Maybe another child

Lives in Hades, currently there working with Rhad on a hush-hush project for Themis

About me: I’m a vegan most of the time. I rarely leave Hades, but when I do, I enjoy the theater, opera, and candlelight dinners.

Looking for: Long-term friendships, then maybe something more.


I’m sarcastic, but don’t let it fool you, I’m just a puppy dog at heart- but I’m always the Alpha Male. I will protect and nurture you, but always let you have the lead. I just want to be happy, friendship is fine. No pressure for sex. Females only, please.


I’m a widow, I have one son who’s lost somewhere in Hades. I’ve been searching for him-so don’t ask me to leave. My father was the very first werewolf. Zeus and Apollo came to visit and during the famine, there was little meat to be had. Father found a pail of fresh-cut offerings outside on the doorstep, so he cooked it and served it to the gods thinking it was a gift. I just happened to be the neighbors’ servant. Zeus angry that he’d been served human flesh, cursed my family forever to be wolves.

Oh, yeah, and Ares is my grandfather-but we don’t speak about that. Zeus is my great-grandfather- and we don’t get along, so no star-struck virgins trying to get into the family.

Queens of the Underworld, Greek God Dating App- Alles, the Unknown

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Name: Alles pronounced Al-les

Lives in Tartarus. I’m a prisoner here, never allowed to leave or speak with another being. I’ve been alone so long, that I doubt I know how to have a conversation.

God Status: I am neither god nor human but a being like no other.

Wants: Someone to speak with, someone to listen. Sex would be a plus but not needed. I just need to drown out the howls of the dead and have a moment of peace.

Needs: Someone to say my name. My real name, the one that was taken from me. It is the root of my power and the way to escape.

Looking for a long-term relationship as I can never leave my prison. Anyone who helps me will be pitted against the great god himself and cursed for eternity. So anyone who wishes to apply should know that by accepting my friendship, they will doom themselves into my prison for eternity.

Hates: Zeus, Themis, and those who helped imprisoned me.

My memories are tainted, I do not recall my real name. I am alone and have been for centuries. I need to feel another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s ideas before I drive myself insane.

I’d like someone who can help me escape and so that I can have my revenge on Zeus and the others. Sexual orientation isn’t an issue. I’m open. Any species may apply. Help me find someone who can call my name, and release me from my prison.

Myths, Gods, and Romance- Queens of the Underworld Dating app Zeus’s profile.

I’m going to start today introducing you to the gods that are mentioned in the Queens of the Underworld, my new series coming out next year starting with the Realm of Darkness Anthology.
So, let’s get started with god numero uno, the character of Zeus, and his dating app profile.

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Zeus, King of the Gods, Dating Profile

Name: Zeus, King of the Gods. Supreme ruler. Worship me.

Parents: Cronus King of the Titans and Rhea. But Cronus tried to eat me, so I overthrew him.

Lives: On Olympus in a palace.

Looking for: Sex

Wants: Sex

Needs: Sex

Doesn’t want: No sex. Talking. Cuddling.

Previous Relationships– Married Metis, but I had to eat her so that she wouldn’t have a child. But after I tricked her into turning into a fly and ate her, she tricked me and grew her child inside of my brain. Hephaestus, the god of the forge split my head open and out popped Athena.

Married Themis- Didn’t last long, she expected me to live by rules. Had a few kids.

Married Hera- still married- Have kids. She’s jealous, so watch out for her. She has a tendency to kill my side girls.

Likes besides sex: Tormenting humans. It’s fun.

Special Powers: I am the most powerful god on Olympus. I’m sure you’ve heard of me. I can control the weather, lightning is my weapon of choice but I can also turn myself into anything I want- and you too.

How have you wooed past loves? I’ve turned myself into an Ant, Eagle, Swan, Satyr (a man with ears and a tail of a horse) a bull, a cuckoo bird, golden rain, and a dragon to have sex with women. I can be anything you want, as long as we have sex.

How have past women wooed you? By being. Has to be beautiful. Virgins who are ripe for the plucking are my favorite.


Sexual Orientation– Any. I prefer MMMM/FFFF relationships but I’m open to any that will satisfy me.

I will take what I want, and who I want. Do not hide from me.

Must be into anything that pleases me. Looking for short-term hookups so my wife doesn’t find out. But, if she does, be ready to run or die. Probably death, but it will be worth it. One night of sex with me and you’ll have your greatest wish granted by my penis.

My body was made to be worshiped, and I will demand that of you. I want satisfaction. Give it to me. Now.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Women want me. Men want to be me.

Favorite Movies? Anything about me and the Terminator series- Arnold reminded me of myself but he never had sex, so he’s second to me of course.

Favorite Place: Mount Olympus-but you can’t come there. My wife’s usually home.

Favorite Song: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. True story. I’m insatiable.

Any other thoughts? Come naked and be prepared. I like toys too, so have them ready to go. Entertain me. Then leave. I have other people on my list or I might just kill you.

Short stories about Zeus and his transformations for sex.

A Dragon

The first time Zeus seduced Persephone, the goddess of spring, he did so in the form of a serpentine dragon. She bore him a son, the god Zagreos, who was the first instantiation of Dionysus.

And yes, I said the first time.

Now, we are going super odd….

Zeus-as an ANT…

Zeus made himself as small as he could and transformed into an ant in order to have sex with Eurymedousa, a princess in northern Greece. Their son was Myrmidon (“ant-man”) and was the progenitor of the race of warriors that Achilles commanded in The Iliad.

So, you gotta ask yourself… did she even know? And nope, not going into how did that one work either.

Photo by Sachin Bharti on Pexels.com

A Husband

Zeus liked to take the form of absent husbands in order to have sex with other men’s wives. One man he chose was Alkmene’s husband, Amphitryon, and she had twins: Herakles by Zeus and Likmnios by Amphitryon.

Zeus did the same thing with Dia, a queen in northern Greece, wife of King Ixion. Peirithoos, her son, could have been born from either union. And Queen Kalyke’s son, Endymion, was fathered either by Zeus.

A Shepherd

Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory (and the inventor of both single words and language), was seduced by Zeus in the guise of a shepherd. They had sex for nine straight nights; after over a year passed, she gave birth to the nine Muses at once, at the foot of Mount Olympus.

A Bull

Europa, a queen in Northern Africa (Phoenicia), was abducted by Zeus in the form of a white bull near the ocean. He swam away with her on his back to Crete, where they had three sons, Minos, Rhadamanthys, and Sarpedon. They were known for their fairness and became the three judges of the Underworld when they died. The Minoan civilization gets its name from its mythical founder, Minos.

A Swan

Zeus took the form of a swan and raped Leda on the same night she slept with her husband King Tyndareus. She laid two eggs from which the children hatched.[2] Leda bore Helen and Polydeuces, children of Zeus, while at the same time bearing Castor and Clytemnestra, children of her husband Tyndareus, the King of Sparta. One of the children was Helen of Troy, yep, that Helen. Now, why did her husband’s children come out as an egg too?

A Cuckoo

Zeus was in love with Hera, but she spurned his advances. So he created a thunderstorm and made himself into a cuckoo bird in distress. Hera felt pity for the bird, took it in, and held it to her breast to warm it. Zeus immediately turned back into his own form and raped her.

The cuckoo bird is so notorious for its cheating that it gave us the term for a man whose wife cheats on him, a “cuckold.” The word “cuckold” also implies that the husband is unaware of his wife’s infidelities. And he might only find out on the arrival of a baby who is obviously not his child.

An Eagle

And he wasn’t just into girls…

Perhaps the most famous eagle abductee is Ganymede, a prince of Troy, who was abducted to Mount Olympus to be Zeus’ lover and cupbearer. Zeus was often portrayed as the god of homosexual love and as such appears as a playmate of the other gods of love, Eros (Love) and Hymenaios (Marital Love). Plato calls him Himeros (Sexual Desire). He eventually is apotheosized into Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

Golden Shower

Imprisoned by her father in a brass chamber (because of a prophecy that he would be killed by one of her children), Danae was seduced by Zeus in the form of a shower of gold. Their union resulted in the hero Perseus.

Danae is the descendant of another of Zeus’ victims, Io, whom he turned into a white cow so that he could avoid Hera’s suspicion. But Hera knew what was up and had Io guarded closely, then inflicted by a fly that stung her so severely that she went mad and wandered throughout Europe and Asia, eventually ending in Egypt. There Zeus restored her human form.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into Zeus. He was a naughty boy- in the extreme. It gives me pause, these myths were venerated, people loved them, but did they also think it was ok what he was doing?


Would you date Zeus?

Myths, Gods, and Romance Greek God Dating App coming soon!!!!

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New Series Detailing those Onery Gods.

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