My New Release

1 Painted Girl, A Kiowa in Love. Looking for reviews! PM me!

Love, humor and a lively scheming Grandfather, what could be better?
A Romantic Comedy with a bold Native American twist.
The Kiowa in Love Contemporary Series takes the reader on a trip through self-exploration, marrying the spirit of Native American culture with love and humor.
Each book revolves around Grandfather, a long lost soul who wishes only the best for his granddaughters. He demands that his granddaughters’ honor themselves before finding love and fulfilling their destiny. Nevertheless, if they cannot find their inner Indian, Grandfather will find it for them, whether they want him to, or not.

Painted Girl longs to marry RedHorse, but Grandfather does not believe that they are ready. The Grand Instigator has a way to keep them apart until they find their Inner Indian. However, as with all of his plans, it does not work out the way he imagined.

RedHorse goes off to war with visions of heroic deeds dancing before his eyes. That ends after a tragic accident that cost him a limb. RedHorse does not want anyone to be sorry for him and pushes everyone away. Frustration and anger could deny him his love.

Painted Girl is thankful that RedHorse has returned, but he feels less than a whole man. Painted Girl is so angry with Red Horse that she would agree to be a second wife to a ‘gulp’ New Yorker.

A New Yorker who, by the way, thinks that Grandfather has the softest skin.
A man whose nether parts are always peeking without any lipstick on them!


Grandfather believes that it is his duty to guide his granddaughters in life, to help them find their Inner Indian but they do not listen. Nevertheless, he has a plan, and so does everyone else, including the cat.

Rated for ages 18+ for Sexual Humor 1
Painted Girl, on Kindle Select


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