Native American Time-Travel Novellas

Two new Time-Travel Novellas! Available for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited!


Always with you, the first book in a time travel series following Ann and Han as they meet in the past as well as the future.

Welcome to the Bowman’s Inn, where Cupid, disguised as a mild-mannered bartender, whips up drinks for the broken-hearted.

His partner, Mandy, has a special gift herself.  Her tattoo glows when she touches two soul mates.  Imagine her confusion when  Ann Paolo walks into the bar and her wrist glows after she touches Ann and her dog.
Unbeknownst to Ann, Han has followed her through multiple lifetimes as her pet, always with her, but never allowed to be a man.
Val agrees to give Han another chance to erase the sins that created Han’s self-inflicted torture. But once Han is plunged back in time can he finally undo the curse?

Always with you is a modern retelling of a Native American Legend about the sun, moon, and dawn, previously published as part of the Bowman’s Inn Anthology. The rules are simple. Cupid own a bar and works his magic, but has he met his match in this reincarnation tale?

Previously published in the Bowman’s Inn Anthology.

always with you tablet

As long as I have you,  the second book in a time travel series following Ann and Han as they meet for the first time as humans.

Ann’s back at the Bowman’s Inn, with her cursed dog, Han, in tow.  This time Cupid has a plan to bring Han back to life as a human.  The Fates are the only ones who have enough power to sneak Han into this time but something goes wrong.  The Fates have no idea how to write him into the present, so they look to television shows for ideas.

The only way to ensure that Han gets the girl is to disguise him a real-life hero.  Maybe the Super-Unnatural Killers and Revealers wasn’t the best show to choose from Netflix.

Dan Winchesty is in the wrong body. There are demons to hunt and he can’t find his brother, nor the angel Cassie.

Someone switched his body into a too-tall Native American dude. That woman, Ann, knows more than she’s telling. There’s only one answer. She’s a witch, and he’ll have to cut off her head as soon as she changes him back into his real body.

You know, the one with perky nipples.

A hilarious short of Han and Ann with the Greek Fates and Supernatural characters.

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