About RA Winter, Author, Writer, Reviewer, Blogger

Hi! I’m the author of many books with four currently published.  Most of the others are in the final stages.  I write Native American Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy (RomCom) and just sexy kooky romances.  Uh, raunchy. 🙂

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RA Winter, Author, Romance, Native American Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal, RomCom, Histerical

RA Winter, Author.

My book Little Sparrow will be re-released soon, under the name Sparrow’s Dream.

RedDress Two Wives will also be re-released with a new cover and a new name.   Right now, I have no idea what the title will be, but I think you’ll love it.  I’m retouching both books, keeping the same story, but adding in a tad more paranormal to keep with the new series, Spirit Key.  This is full of ghost and spookies as I bring you into RedHorse’s injury,  Painted Girl’s desires and Dingle, let’s not forget the spirit that is inhabiting the cat!  Grandfather’s in there too.  They’ll come down in February, then back up with their new names and covers.

The Spirit Key, a journey filled with ghost and their path towards death. Due out soon. I’m ready to push the publish button on this one, I’m ordering the cover now! A rewrite of Painted Girl and a new book about RedHorse. The spirits have spoken, consequences must be paid. Can RedHorse raise to the occasion?  In 3 parts. Part 3 will be out late 2018.

Native American Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romance, RomCom, Chicklit, literary, woman's

I’ve published two Native American Romances in the Bowman’s Inn Anthology.  One is a spoof on Supernatural.  And please check out the other wonderful writers while you’re at it!

For those of you who have written and asked for Grandfather’s story, I have one for you coming soon.  It is about his time in the orphanage, a Native American one in the fifties.  I’ve been doing research to get this one right, and you’ll be as horrified as I was.  Of course, you know me, I added in skinwalkers, just because I couldn’t believe that actual humans could be so wrong.

I write steamy running to the raunchy side of sex– To the borders of erotica, but never through.  At least not yet!  I don’t think my next book will be anything but sweet. 🙂  I have too much respect for Grandfather!  And, he’s getting a love story with Lilly!  It’s Native American, Italian and ghost filled.

Grandfather and Lilly, a lively story where Lilly’s dead husband’s ghost haunts her, tormenting her at every glance.
FYI… Dingle eats him in the second chapter but can’t keep him down, or out of the spaghetti sauce.
Paranormal humor at its best; romance stilted by two opposing forces. An Italian ghost and a Native American spirit come head to head. Who will win? Almost finished.
Then, finished is Demise’s Desire, I’m still working on the cover, the editing is almost complete.
Demise accidentally takes a soul too soon and falls head over heels as they burrow through Tartarus, searching for two lost souls.
Death’s Lover will be a hilarious tale.  Ares is her prisoner, or is he?  The covers are a work in progress, I’ll be giving my ideas to my cover artist in the next few days, but these two pictures represent the feel of them.
What else is on the burner?  So many pieces almost finished.  Oh, I have a short due out in March that will become a series, but it’s hush-hush at the moment.  🙂

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