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Point of view is the foundation, the very soul of a story. Every story is told from a point of view. Who is telling the story? Which head is the reader in when they read the story? That’s the character point of view (POV). You can tell the story from one character’s head, more than one character, or the all-knowing, all-seeing hovering head. No need for complication, no need to stress. All you have to do is decide who is going to tell the story, and then maintain that POV to the end. Easy peasy, right?

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Book Review, The Priestess of Kel Brech Nor by Diana Delphine

Medieval Story for review today. There aren’t enough of them out there in my opinion. The Priestess of Kel Brech Nore puts us squarely in the time period.  The writing is smooth and flows well.  Wonderful descriptions and engaging dialog, too.

I loved this tale. .The writer brought me into the life of the young girl, surrounded by horrible brothers. Her life takes an unexpected turn, war breaks out. Lots of twists and turns. Loved the ending.  What a surprise! Really enjoyable.

Book review, The Bastard’s blade

By Luca Thrace

I love medieval stories and this one has it all. Jousting, sword fights, murder, and love, what could be better?
Sera is a wonderful female character who comes to life. She’s a young widow who is ‘commanded’ to marry the winner of the joust. But, it is her castle. Her brother-in-law wants it for himself and schemes to make her leave.
The young Aethan is on a quest to find his mother’s murderer. A bastard by birth, he falls for the noble Lady Sera.
I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. The time period comes to life, the lead is believable. We feel her pain and trouble as she struggles to take control of her castle and her love life.

Give someone the gift of a smile

Today, I dolled myself up.  A ‘pick me up’ if you will.  It’s been a tough sixteen months since I injured myself.

I put on my new orange dress a knit sweater and went out… grocery shopping.  Not the best place to wear a pretty outfit but after being in pain for so long and still struggling without a cane for support, I wanted to do something for myself.

The last year and a half I’ve lived with leg braces and pain.  My knees looked horrible, swollen and painful and peeked out under the dress. But I wanted to feel pretty, a least for a moment.  I let my husband do the major part of the shopping, then sat down while he stood in line to pay for our purchases.

A lovely lady came up to me.  “Oh, you look gorgeous in that outfit.  I just had to tell you how much I love it.”  Then she skidded away into a sea of faces.

I haven’t smiled so much in a very long time.  I don’t dress to please other people, I dress for myself and today I wanted a pick me up.

She gave it to me in spades.

I’ve always made it a point to tell someone ‘I like your shoes/boots/dress/haircut’ but I’ve never had someone say it to me.

Thank you, kind lady.  I will continue passing the good feeling along.

And by the way… You look fabulous today.