Erotica Showcase- Cerise Dalton- The First Chapter

The popular Cerise Dalton has three erotica books out for your reading pleasure.  Today, we will be taking a peek at Nicole.  Take off your socks folks, cause they are about to go flying.  (Knock your socks off?  Get it? No?  Ugh.)  155 pages.

The Blurb:   Nicole Summers is offered the opportunity of a lifetime when a billionaire, Axon Wainwright, offers her the CEO position of Wainwright Diamonds, making Nicole an instant billionaire. But there’s a catch. Axon’s sons, Alexander and Stetson, thought the business should have gone to one of them. Nicole finds herself in a seductive and heated battle for the company, fighting off the money hungry Alexander, and Stetson, the horniest man alive. What would you do for a cool billion?







Well, you certainly have my attention!  A cool billion!

And now, to the First Chapter.  For our over 21 readers only! We go directly to the action in this one!


Chapter One

Nicole entered the Tampa hotel lounge and ordered a drink at the bar before taking a seat. She felt a little dorky wearing the conference name tag on her black dress.

 She sipped her glass of wine and scanned the room. Marcy, her roommate back home, had pointed out that these conferences were for two things: making business connections, and finding a hot, rich man who knew how to treat a woman. Nicole planned on the former, but would take the latter.

From the corner of her eye she noticed a familiar face entering the lounge. Familiar in that she had listened to his keynote tonight. Axon Wainwright—astute businessman, attractive, single, owner of the conference hotel, and heading her direction. Nicole straightened and took a deep breath, replacing the look of boredom with a smile and unabated excitement.

He sat at the table next to hers and was promptly served. He ordered a Martini—Nicole wasn’t surprised—and removed his phone from his pocket. Nicole leaned slightly toward the man, trying to eavesdrop on his conversation. She moved her purse and shifted in her u-shaped booth, edging closer to Axon. Tomorrow he would be speaking about career opportunities and how to motivate one’s self in a dog-eat-dog world.

Axon clicked off his phone and placed it on the table in front of him, resting his left ankle over his right knee. He unbuttoned his suit jacket and placed his arm along the back of the booth.

Nicole watched him glance around the room, hoping he would see her watching him and ask if she could be helped with something. Patience was not a virtue with Nicole, so when Axon seemed to ignore her intruding stares, Nicole cleared her throat and stood.

Nicole’s black stilettos added three inches to her five-foot-seven frame, but when the much taller Axon stood, Nicole suddenly felt small.

“Axon Wainwright,” Axon said and offered his hand.

Nicole grabbed her purse and then slipped her hand into his, intentionally returning the firm shake. His touch was invigorating and gave her an unexpected jolt of energy. “Nicole Summers,” she said. Nicole stood erect and business-like, doing her best to impress one of Tampa’s most powerful men.

Axon held out a hand toward the seat next to him. “Join me,” he said.

Nicole didn’t hesitate. She sat next to the larger than life man—the man who was capable of giving her that career change she was looking for. Although he was older—fifty-five according to his bio in the conference program—he was both charming and sexy. His gray fitted suit matched the tinge of gray at his temples.

Axon leaned forward and glimpsed Nicole’s name tag which listed her name, the business she was representing, and her hometown. “Horses and basketball,” he said.

Yes, but she was interested in neither. “That was a great speech this evening,” she said and proceeded to undress him with her eyes. Older men, especially those in fitted suits, were hot as hell and seemed to always light her carnal flame.

“Thank you,” Axon said. “Hoping to motivate people like yourself to be all they can be. Hopefully give you some useful advice.”

“How to find a better job would be awesome,” Nicole said. Shit, that had come out so bluntly. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Axon chuckled. “Of course you did or you wouldn’t have said it in the first place.” He nodded at the waitress when she placed his drink on the table. “Thank you, Sherry.” He turned back to Nicole. “I’m meeting someone in a few minutes.” He seemed to notice Nicole’s disappointment. “Find me tomorrow during the conference and we’ll talk further. I’m not making any promises, but at least we’ll get to know each other. Deal?”

Nicole felt her emotions swing upward and she smiled. “Thank you,” she said. “You won’t be disappointed.”

“I’m sure I won’t,” Axon said. He retrieved his drink from the table and stood, shaking Nicole’s hand again before leaving.

Nicole watched Axon. Tomorrow she was interviewing with one of Tampa’s most powerful businessmen. She smiled and inwardly jumped for joy. She returned to her booth and was just about to take a drink when she was interrupted.

“That’s my favorite seat,” the man said.

Nicole raised her head, following the slacks up a slim waistline; pausing where his blue shirt opened up three buttons down from his neck, revealing a light tan, and then finally stared into his cool, blue eyes. Oh fuck, she thought to herself. His black hair hugged the sides of his head, his bangs draped just above his manicured eyebrows. She smiled shyly. Nicole looked at the cushions on either side of her. “I don’t see your name.” Not her best opening line.

“You don’t know my name,” he replied. He slipped from his jacket and placed it over the back of the booth. He slid in next to her, his hip pressing snuggly against hers.

The same waitress who had served Axon Wainwright came over, the sour look on her face much different than the smile she’d given Axon. “The usual?” she asked. The man nodded and she hurried away.

He leaned forward and read Nicole’s name badge, his warm, peppermint breath caressing her neck. Nicole inhaled the scent of the man and felt her eyes waver. Take it down a notch, she warned herself. But then why should she? She was here to have fun, not walk around with a stick up her ass all week. That’s what these conferences were for, right?

“Stetson,” he finally said. He offered his hand and Nicole hesitated.

She’d not seen him in the lounge before Axon left, which meant he’d pretty much walked into the lounge, walked over to her table (his table), and plopped his hot ass right down next to her. He was either a complete asshole or very confident. Nicole slipped her hand in his. The warmth of his hand crawled up her arm, spread across her body, and ignited her carnal flame.

“Are you here for the conference?” she asked. Maybe he didn’t want to walk around like a dork with his name emblazoned on his suit.

The waitress returned with what Nicole guessed bourbon and Coke. She sat the glass on the table next to Nicole’s. When Stetson raised the glass to his lips, Nicole smelled more bourbon than Coke. Great, she was going to be propositioned by a drunk. “No, the restaurant here serves a killer salmon on Sunday evenings. I always stop in to have a drink when I’m finished.” He glanced at her badge again. “You have a room here?”

Really? He just sat down and was already wanting to come to her room. Next he’d be handing her his address and phone number. “Yes, for the week, until the conference is over.”

“Ahh,” he said. Stetson grabbed his suit jacket and fished for something from the inside pocket. When his hand reappeared he was holding a key card. He placed it on the table between the two drinks.  “When you get on the elevator, slide the card into the slot below the numbers. The elevator will take you straight to the penthouse.” He finished off the bourbon and Coke and slid his jacket back on. He glanced at his watch. “Thirty minutes.”

Nicole watched him leave and then studied the key card lying on the table. He really expected her to up and go to the room of a total stranger—a hot total stranger. Why couldn’t the same man be both a business contact and give her hot sex? She retrieved the key card. She imagined the view of Tampa and the beach from the top of the hotel. She didn’t have to fuck him if she went up there. Maybe they would have a few drinks and get to know each other. That made her laugh. Yeah, that was his intention.

She stuffed the key card into her purse and scooted across the booth. She dropped a five dollar bill on the table as a tip and looked around the room. What was she looking for? Someone to talk her out of heading to the penthouse suite? This had bad idea written all over it.

In the elevator, Nicole slid the card into the slot below the numbers and adjusted her dress as the elevator began its ascent. She placed the card back into her purse. Could anyone really blame her? Maybe a half-dead woman who hated men. His presence had been overpowering; the sweet scent of his cologne had rubbed off on her dress. His eyes said to trust him, but her heart said to stay guarded, which is what she would do—stay guarded, have some fun.

The elevator chimed and the door opened to a large foyer. She stepped from the elevator and shook her head at the three doors spread out in front of her. He never said which room. She started toward the door in the middle but stopped when the door to the right opened.

“You’re early,” Stetson said and moved aside. “Come on in.”

She couldn’t. The sight of him, the towel wrapped around his waist, the water dribbling from his hair and trickling down his hard chest made her pause. She almost reached out as if to touch his fuck me body.

“The floor’s getting wet,” he said. “Last chance.”

Nicole shuffled forward, passing him without making eye contact because if she had, she would have tried to throw him to the floor and fuck him on the cool, wet marble. She heard the door close behind her. The room was as she expected—lavishly decorated, a wet bar, a view of Tampa and the Gulf of Mexico. She continued into the suite, dropping her purse on the table in the middle of the room. The lights were low and there was a whisper of music playing from somewhere in the room.

“Nice,” Nicole said and turned.

Stetson approached slowly, sipping from the glass Nicole had not noticed when she passed him, too busy studying the floor. He put the glass down next to her purse and then pulled the towel from his waist, using it to dry his hair and the rest of his body.

Nicole stared, her eyes intently landing on his large cock flopping from leg-to-leg as he dried his hair. The President could have walked into the room and she wouldn’t have torn her eyes away from Stetson. She gasped and struggled to fill her lungs. She momentarily considered leaving. He was not just confident, but crazily so.

Stetson finished drying his hair and brushed it back with his fingers. His bangs flopped down his forehead as if they somehow knew that was where they always belonged. He nonchalantly—almost as if Nicole wasn’t in the room—made himself comfortable on the couch; his legs partially spread, his cock lazily and comfortably pointing at her as it rested on the cushion.

Nicole’s sexual prowess had consisted of only three men, a number relatively low, she assumed, for a thirty-year-old woman. None of the three made her body ache to be taken the way the man in front of her did. Women did what this man requested, thus his attitude.

She stepped around the coffee table that separated them and stood between his knees. She liked a man with strong muscular legs and his did not disappoint. He had not given her a clue as to what he wanted from her or how he wanted it. But earlier she had gambled and won with Axon Wainwright. It was time to roll the dice again.

Nicole slowly moved her hands down her hips, her almond eyes never leaving the cool, blue eyes staring back at her. He could be a complete ass in his daily life, but Nicole found something in his eyes that suggested a longing. She suddenly felt comfortable in his presence. She curled her fingers under the hem of her dress and scooted it above her hips, exposing her white, slightly wet, satin panties. Although her eyes stayed trained on his, she could see his once resting cock stretching toward her. He was as excited to see her as she was to see him.

Stetson leaned forward and placed his hands along Nicole’s hips. His hands were warm and instantly made Nicole relax. She felt his thumbs hook the thin bands of her panties and then felt her panties being rolled down her legs.

Like Stetson, Nicole’s legs were strong but more toned than muscular—runner’s legs she liked to boast.

He kissed her stomach and let his tongue linger above the small swatch of black hair that sat above her glistening pussy lips. She raised her hands and snaked her fingers through his black hair, twirling several soft locks between her fingers. None of her previous three lovers had an oral awareness worth mentioning, but as she opened up for Stetson, she knew she would come before his cock ever got near her.

It was obvious he needed no help or instruction, but her hand seemed to have grown a mind of its own, guiding his head, moving it gracefully side-to-side. This is where the others failed, never entering her, always languishing around her clit, never exploring, never opening her up.

His tongue slipped between her lips, briefly toying with her throbbing clit, and then dipped inside. At first he only played along the upper part of her entrance, but then greedily circled inside. Nicole bent at the knees, slightly squatting and moving her feet apart.

He grabbed her ass and pushed her against his face, his tongue exploding deeper. Her hands trembled, and she whispered his name. The pulse from his wrists beat violently against her legs. She said his name again, feeling his hunger for her increasing. She bucked hard against his face and felt him moan. The movement only caused him to hold her tighter. She put her hands on his shoulders and steadied herself, fucking his mouth.

Nicole came hard, expecting him to move away as she did. But then, in a single movement, he shifted her to the couch and continued his oral expertise. Nicole, spent and dizzy, tried to pull away but the man she knew nothing about held her steadfast. She looked down at him; watched his mouth work its orgasmic magic. She wondered if tonight would be her first multi-orgasm.

He shoved two fingers into her stretched opening, the two fingers searching. She felt them exploring. She felt them clinch that one spot, and then it happened again.

He gently moved away and wiped his mouth on the discarded towel. Nicole laid there and slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was her disheveled dress hugging her waist. She looked across the table at the man sitting in the chair, his cock swollen beyond anything she had ever seen. He sipped his drink and watched her over the rim of the glass.

“Crawl to me,” he said. “Crawl to me and put me in your mouth.”

Nicole blinked away the dizziness and stared at him. Was he serious? Crawl to him? Nicole struggled to sit up. She lifted her ass and shimmied her dress over her hips and down her thighs. Where were her panties? She ran her hand along the cushions and groaned when it came up empty.

“Looking for these?” Stetson said. He held up her wet panties and twirled them around his fingers. “Crawl to me and you’re welcome to have them.”

“That’s never going to happen,” Nicole said. She shifted to the edge of the couch and looked down at the large wet spot growing around the crotch of her dress. Embarrassing. She’d have to go down a dozen floors and walk almost the length of a hallway to get to her room. There was also a mixer at midnight she’d planned on attending. Not now.

Nicole stood, the sensation of her own warm cream running down her thigh made her eyes grow wide. She noticed Stetson’s eyes lower. Nicole didn’t dare look down, though, somewhere deep inside, being this wet excited her.

“Can I please have them back?” Nicole asked. She moved her hands to her hips to show the seriousness of the matter. “Now.”

Stetson moved to his feet, the sight of his naked body and his cock pointing at the ceiling almost too much for Nicole to handle. He wasted no time in devouring her, so why not satisfy himself and fuck her? That’s what he really wanted to do. Right?

He held out her panties and snatched them away when she tried to grab them. He tucked his hand behind his back. “Make you a deal,” he said. He glanced at the clock on the wall across the room. It was closing in on one in the morning. “Come back at ten this evening and you can have them back.”

Nicole felt her cheeks glow red. They belonged to her! He then smiled the wicked smile he had used on her in the lounge. That confident smile that said she would do whatever he asked. She grabbed her purse from the table and as she turned she gawked at the couch and the large wet spot. Oh wow, she thought to herself. She leered at Stetson, who only shrugged.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll be back for my panties at ten. But only my panties.”

Nicole turned and marched toward the door, not sure if she was sweaty from anger or the debilitating orgasms.

“Ten o’clock,” Stetson repeated when he opened the door.

Nicole quickened her pace to the elevator and refused to look back. Damn straight she would be back at ten. Maybe give him a taste of his own medicine.


Yep, you impressed me!  Check out Nicole on Kindle Unlimited and Cerise Dalton’s other titles.









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