Chiron, Centaur, Queens of the Underworld’s Greek God Dating App

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Name: Chiron

Parents: Cronus and Philyra, a sea nymph

Likes: Healing, Astrology, and history.

Lives: Currently living in Hades, cursed to serve the lava god, Phlegethon.

Hobbies: Archery, talking to my skull buddies that I saved from Phlegethon, and bootlegging contraband to Hades. Drinking tea.

Wants: An intelligent man or woman, and since I live in Hades, they would need to be dead too. I’d like a friend with a grey soul, as only grey and black souls are allowed in this section of the underworld. May consider a black soul if it’s not too tainted.

Sexual Orientation: Not important, but I don’t mind cuddles, and yes, you may comb my tail if you wish and if the need arises.

More about me: I be a-wanting a good storytellin’ friend. Someone to spend the hour or two that I have to meself about once a day. I’ve built meself a nice cottage, down the dune from the lava river. Ye can’t be a missing it, tis made of the discarded bones that we couldn’t be a finding the rest of the bodies fer. I’ve got me a few friends at my hut too. Skull buddies that love ta sing a greetin’ to all who enter my humble abode. I’ll put on the tea kettle fer ya, and we can get to the jabbering.

The Realm of Darkness: The Mermaid & the Pearl, (The Little Mermaid meets Corpse Bride) by Rosalyn Briar

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Welcome Rosalyn Briar!

As a performer in the underwater Cirque du Mer, Muriel charms skeletons to dance using her voice and magic pearls. When the circus travels to the Crescent Reef, Muriel is eager to take part in the Sacrifice. She desires to sink the ships of humans, the vile creatures who had once enslaved her.

During the Sacrifice, though, Muriel comes upon a different type of human—a woman. Instead of feeding the woman to the Moon Priestess’ kraken, Muriel saves her. Soon, she learns that Yara is a princess and, despite being human and mer, they have much in common. A romance blossoms between the pair, until Yara’s rescue ship arrives.

When the depressed Muriel learns that Yara has died in another shipwreck, she rushes to the Moon Priestess for help. Muriel gives up her voice as payment, and the Moon Priestess turns Yara into an undead mermaid. Muriel has three days to make Yara fall in love and find her soul’s pearl—all the while performing in the circus.

Can love conquer death?

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Queens of the Underworld, Dating App for the Greek Gods, Ares

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Name: Ares -God of War, but I prefer the Spirit of the Battle

Relationship status: Divorced

Past relationships: Aphrodite, Aglauros, and a sea nymph

Lives with parents Zeus and Hera on Mt Olympus

Wants a quiet woman with a quality relationship without the headaches. Someone to talk to and confide in. A sweet-natured woman with patience who kisses the ground I walk on. May consider a male lover.

Hobbies: Wine.

Likes dogs and wolves, and considering that my father turned one of my sons into one, please stop sacrificing them to me.

A little about me. I’m tired of being laughed at, so I want no games nor married persons. I didn’t like being caught in the web, naked by Aphrodite’s husband, nor do I appriciate the snide remarks. I did not choose my god power, it was bestowed on me at birth, so please don’t hold that against me. I want deep thought, a real relationship and a cuddle or two. Will consider a mute, as they listen better and don’t interupt me.

My body is my weapon, and it needs to be worshiped. Messages, lingering kisses, warm fuzzies all over me are prefered. I want a sweet smelling woman but I’m willing to consider an Amazon who can fight me in battle, and wants to be dominated- as long as she’s quiet.

Queens of the Underworld Greek Gods Dating App- Lycon- the Wolf

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Name: Lycon

Race: Werewolf

Wants: Long-term relationship doesn’t mind complications or kids.

Needs: Woman who understands pain. Maybe another child

Lives in Hades, currently there working with Rhad on a hush-hush project for Themis

About me: I’m a vegan most of the time. I rarely leave Hades, but when I do, I enjoy the theater, opera, and candlelight dinners.

Looking for: Long-term friendships, then maybe something more.


I’m sarcastic, but don’t let it fool you, I’m just a puppy dog at heart- but I’m always the Alpha Male. I will protect and nurture you, but always let you have the lead. I just want to be happy, friendship is fine. No pressure for sex. Females only, please.


I’m a widow, I have one son who’s lost somewhere in Hades. I’ve been searching for him-so don’t ask me to leave. My father was the very first werewolf. Zeus and Apollo came to visit and during the famine, there was little meat to be had. Father found a pail of fresh-cut offerings outside on the doorstep, so he cooked it and served it to the gods thinking it was a gift. I just happened to be the neighbors’ servant. Zeus angry that he’d been served human flesh, cursed my family forever to be wolves.

Oh, yeah, and Ares is my grandfather-but we don’t speak about that. Zeus is my great-grandfather- and we don’t get along, so no star-struck virgins trying to get into the family.

Myths, Gods, and Romance Greek God Dating App coming soon!!!!

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New Series Detailing those Onery Gods.

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Next week I’ll dive in with Zeus… and we all know about him! So, let’s take a look at a few of his naughtier myths. If you have one you’d like to submit, send me a PM. Everyone has a favorite story about Zeus.

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