Queens of the Underworld Greek God Dating App-Hera

Name: Hera, Sister and Wife of Zeus. Queen of Olympus, loved by Zeus.

Parents: Chronus and Rhea

Goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth.

Loves: Zeus. My pets. Oh, our kids too.

Wants: Zeus

Hates: Those awful women who think that Zeus could be theirs! Really? He married me! He loves me! I’m everything to him. We are a family first and foremost.

What are you looking for in a mate? Mate? I have a mate. What kind of questions are these?

*App Master* Lady Hera, this is an application for the Greek God-

*Zeus interrupts* Greek God Messaging app-to keep family close.

Thera continues- See? He’s all for our family, aren’t you dear?

*Zeus chuckles* Of course, my love.

Past loves? Oh, I’ve been faithful to Zeus-always. There was this one time when Ixion tried to me but, Zeus threw him into Tartarus, for his attempted cuckolding of Zeus.

I think we’re done now.

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The Realm of Darkness: The Mermaid & the Pearl, (The Little Mermaid meets Corpse Bride) by Rosalyn Briar

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As a performer in the underwater Cirque du Mer, Muriel charms skeletons to dance using her voice and magic pearls. When the circus travels to the Crescent Reef, Muriel is eager to take part in the Sacrifice. She desires to sink the ships of humans, the vile creatures who had once enslaved her.

During the Sacrifice, though, Muriel comes upon a different type of human—a woman. Instead of feeding the woman to the Moon Priestess’ kraken, Muriel saves her. Soon, she learns that Yara is a princess and, despite being human and mer, they have much in common. A romance blossoms between the pair, until Yara’s rescue ship arrives.

When the depressed Muriel learns that Yara has died in another shipwreck, she rushes to the Moon Priestess for help. Muriel gives up her voice as payment, and the Moon Priestess turns Yara into an undead mermaid. Muriel has three days to make Yara fall in love and find her soul’s pearl—all the while performing in the circus.

Can love conquer death?

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Queens of the Underworld Greek Gods Dating App- Lycon- the Wolf

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Name: Lycon

Race: Werewolf

Wants: Long-term relationship doesn’t mind complications or kids.

Needs: Woman who understands pain. Maybe another child

Lives in Hades, currently there working with Rhad on a hush-hush project for Themis

About me: I’m a vegan most of the time. I rarely leave Hades, but when I do, I enjoy the theater, opera, and candlelight dinners.

Looking for: Long-term friendships, then maybe something more.


I’m sarcastic, but don’t let it fool you, I’m just a puppy dog at heart- but I’m always the Alpha Male. I will protect and nurture you, but always let you have the lead. I just want to be happy, friendship is fine. No pressure for sex. Females only, please.


I’m a widow, I have one son who’s lost somewhere in Hades. I’ve been searching for him-so don’t ask me to leave. My father was the very first werewolf. Zeus and Apollo came to visit and during the famine, there was little meat to be had. Father found a pail of fresh-cut offerings outside on the doorstep, so he cooked it and served it to the gods thinking it was a gift. I just happened to be the neighbors’ servant. Zeus angry that he’d been served human flesh, cursed my family forever to be wolves.

Oh, yeah, and Ares is my grandfather-but we don’t speak about that. Zeus is my great-grandfather- and we don’t get along, so no star-struck virgins trying to get into the family.