Scribophile Review

Who wants to write a book? Everyone I know.

Writing a novel isn’t as easy as it sounds. Plotting, characters, setting, fact-checks, and a lot of research are required before you even begin writing that opening line. Months (and sometimes years) of agonizing decisions, second-guessing, rewrites, proofreading, and editing (the list goes on and on) are bound inside of each story you’ve ever read. I guarantee it.

Everyone would love to see their fingers flying over the typewriter, creating the world’s next best seller. The truth is that for most of us, it is a multi-person effort. But where do you go for help?

I use Scribophile. I’ve been a member for six years (or longer-my oldest email is dated 2016 in my inbox). There are writers who use the site for the bare-minimum-post work and receive feedback. That’s fine, but there is fun in the details.

There are Groups you can join and just like any social media site out there, you can add friends, have chats and share knowledge. There is a ‘Medical Questions’ group. Want to know how to kill your MC without a trace? How about morgue etiquette? Need to know how to dress a combat injury? Ask away, there’s someone who will answer. Want others to read your finished novel and give their feedback? Beta and Alpha book swaps are for you. (N. Noel Fudge runs those-a fantastic person.) Need plot help? Post the questions and just wait for the answers.

What if you want a dedicated ‘team’ to share work with? Afraid you won’t be able to keep up in a group? There are teams that share one chapter every week-and others that share 40,000 words a week (or more). Pick your speed. Don’t want to join a team? Work on your own, choose works you’d like to read, and just make friends.

The goal at Scribophile is to FINISH that novel.

But what about once you’ve hit The End? What then?

Scribophile has you covered. There’s always someone who will give you feedback on covers, blurbs, beta & alpha read, editors, and advertising questions-just about any subject you can think of.

There is an area called the Academy. Lots of articles on grammar, writing craft (from structure to rhythm), outlining, personification-I could go on, but I left out the best part.

Friends. Right now, as I’m writing, I’m participating in a word sprint with a friend and wonderful writer. She’s in South Africa-I’m in Pittsburgh. We’ve ‘known’ each other for years. I’ve met a couple of other writers in person and plan on continuing the meetings. I visited one fellow Scribbler just a month ago in North Carolina-we had a blast together-I wore my cowboy boots-she wore angel wings. A couple of years ago, I met another friend for lunch 1.5 hours away. We ate hotdogs and laughed for hours. These are relationships that only came about because I decided to write novels-and I needed help with the whole creative process.

I love Scribophile. I’ve grown as a writer and hope to continue gathering knowledge and perfecting my writing.

There’s more to Scribophile than that, but for now, I’ll leave you with this thought. How do you plan to finish that novel?


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