Tartarus-Greek God Dating App, Queens of the Underworld

Tartarus, the name was used for the deepest region of the underworld, where the gods locked up their enemies and the dreaded Titans. The worst punishments were eeked out in this realm. Tartarus was one of the personified elements of the world, along with Gaea (Earth) and others. Tartarus and Gaea produced the monster Typhon

It was far below where the god Hades resided and it was the most horrible prison. The distance between Tartarus and Haides was the same as between the earth and Haides, it would take nine days for an anvil to reach Haides if dropped from earth, and another nine days from Haides to Tartarus. Although the kingdom of Hades was the place of the dead, Tartarus was where ferocious monsters and horrible criminals were banished, or where the gods imprisoned their rivals after a war. The three judges of the Underworld, Rhadamanthus, Aeacus, and Minos, decided who would go to the realm of Hades and who would be banished to Tartarus.

This blog introduces you to people and places that will be in my release in the anthology, The Realm of Darkness.

When darkness falls, beware of the creatures that come out to play…

Packed with creepy creatures, edge-of-your seat adventure, heart-melting heroes, and devastating anti-heroes, Realm of Darkness includes 40+ novels from NY Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

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Realm of Darkness publishes Oct. 4, 2022

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