Realm of Darkness Author Spotlight Jessica Grayson

Today we have the lovely Jessica Grayson with us! She’s one of the forty-five authors in the Realm of Darkness Boxset who are offering full-length books in this fantasy and paranormal collection of novels!

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Everyone fears the High Elf King. He is known throughout the seven kingdoms as a fierce and lethal warrior. When I accidentally wander too close to the Veil, I’m captured and brought before him. The sentence for trespassing is death. The moment our eyes meet, the King claims I am his Fated One–his Khio’ri. He spares my life, but he refuses to let me go. His people believe that a soulbond woven by fate cannot be undone. Our people have been enemies for hundreds of years. But the more time we spend together, I find myself captivated by this man who would be my husband and king. Now, I find myself wondering: What would it be like if I allowed myself to fall?

I can’t wait to read this one! Ok, so you know me, I want to devour the whole book! A little about Jessica,

USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Grayson writes fantasy and scifi romance about strong heroines and the otherworldly heroes that cannot help but fall in love with them. She lives with her husband, cat and dog in the San Antonio, TX area. In addition to reading and writing romance, she loves swimming, chai and dark chocolate.

And if you want to get a head start on Jessica’s novels she has two out in the same universe!

Everyone fears the Dark Elf King. Varys is known as a fierce and lethal warrior; none can stand against his armies.

When I’m captured by the Dark Elves and taken before their king, my first thought is of escape. The moment our eyes meet, King Varys claims I am his Fated One—his Khio’ri.

Humans and Elves have been enemies for centuries, but his people believe that a soulbond woven by fate cannot be undone.

I doubt he’s ever going to let me go. But what does it mean to be Bound to the Dark Elf King?

Everyone fears the Dragons that live in the ice mountains, beyond the edge of our kingdom. Fierce creatures that can take the shape of a man or that of a terrifying beast.

Accused of practicing witchcraft, I’m sentenced to death by my Uncle—the King. Tied to a stake and sentenced to burn, he offers me as sacrifice to the fierce Dragon King.

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