Queens of the Underworld Greek God Dating App-Hera

Name: Hera, Sister and Wife of Zeus. Queen of Olympus, loved by Zeus.

Parents: Chronus and Rhea

Goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth.

Loves: Zeus. My pets. Oh, our kids too.

Wants: Zeus

Hates: Those awful women who think that Zeus could be theirs! Really? He married me! He loves me! I’m everything to him. We are a family first and foremost.

What are you looking for in a mate? Mate? I have a mate. What kind of questions are these?

*App Master* Lady Hera, this is an application for the Greek God-

*Zeus interrupts* Greek God Messaging app-to keep family close.

Thera continues- See? He’s all for our family, aren’t you dear?

*Zeus chuckles* Of course, my love.

Past loves? Oh, I’ve been faithful to Zeus-always. There was this one time when Ixion tried to me but, Zeus threw him into Tartarus, for his attempted cuckolding of Zeus.

I think we’re done now.

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