Chiron, Centaur, Queens of the Underworld’s Greek God Dating App

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Name: Chiron

Parents: Cronus and Philyra, a sea nymph

Likes: Healing, Astrology, and history.

Lives: Currently living in Hades, cursed to serve the lava god, Phlegethon.

Hobbies: Archery, talking to my skull buddies that I saved from Phlegethon, and bootlegging contraband to Hades. Drinking tea.

Wants: An intelligent man or woman, and since I live in Hades, they would need to be dead too. I’d like a friend with a grey soul, as only grey and black souls are allowed in this section of the underworld. May consider a black soul if it’s not too tainted.

Sexual Orientation: Not important, but I don’t mind cuddles, and yes, you may comb my tail if you wish and if the need arises.

More about me: I be a-wanting a good storytellin’ friend. Someone to spend the hour or two that I have to meself about once a day. I’ve built meself a nice cottage, down the dune from the lava river. Ye can’t be a missing it, tis made of the discarded bones that we couldn’t be a finding the rest of the bodies fer. I’ve got me a few friends at my hut too. Skull buddies that love ta sing a greetin’ to all who enter my humble abode. I’ll put on the tea kettle fer ya, and we can get to the jabbering.

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