Queens of the Underworld, Dating App for the Greek Gods, Ares

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Name: Ares -God of War, but I prefer the Spirit of the Battle

Relationship status: Divorced

Past relationships: Aphrodite, Aglauros, and a sea nymph

Lives with parents Zeus and Hera on Mt Olympus

Wants a quiet woman with a quality relationship without the headaches. Someone to talk to and confide in. A sweet-natured woman with patience who kisses the ground I walk on. May consider a male lover.

Hobbies: Wine.

Likes dogs and wolves, and considering that my father turned one of my sons into one, please stop sacrificing them to me.

A little about me. I’m tired of being laughed at, so I want no games nor married persons. I didn’t like being caught in the web, naked by Aphrodite’s husband, nor do I appriciate the snide remarks. I did not choose my god power, it was bestowed on me at birth, so please don’t hold that against me. I want deep thought, a real relationship and a cuddle or two. Will consider a mute, as they listen better and don’t interupt me.

My body is my weapon, and it needs to be worshiped. Messages, lingering kisses, warm fuzzies all over me are prefered. I want a sweet smelling woman but I’m willing to consider an Amazon who can fight me in battle, and wants to be dominated- as long as she’s quiet.

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