Queens of the Underworld, Greek God Dating App- Alles, the Unknown

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Name: Alles pronounced Al-les

Lives in Tartarus. I’m a prisoner here, never allowed to leave or speak with another being. I’ve been alone so long, that I doubt I know how to have a conversation.

God Status: I am neither god nor human but a being like no other.

Wants: Someone to speak with, someone to listen. Sex would be a plus but not needed. I just need to drown out the howls of the dead and have a moment of peace.

Needs: Someone to say my name. My real name, the one that was taken from me. It is the root of my power and the way to escape.

Looking for a long-term relationship as I can never leave my prison. Anyone who helps me will be pitted against the great god himself and cursed for eternity. So anyone who wishes to apply should know that by accepting my friendship, they will doom themselves into my prison for eternity.

Hates: Zeus, Themis, and those who helped imprisoned me.

My memories are tainted, I do not recall my real name. I am alone and have been for centuries. I need to feel another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s ideas before I drive myself insane.

I’d like someone who can help me escape and so that I can have my revenge on Zeus and the others. Sexual orientation isn’t an issue. I’m open. Any species may apply. Help me find someone who can call my name, and release me from my prison.

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