Themis-Goddess of Justice. Dating Profile- Queens of the Underworld Dating App

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Name: Themis, Goddess of Justice.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Marriages: Divorced from the Ass god, Zeus.

Wants: A steady relationship with an honest man. Must love children, be upstanding in the community, love nature, truth and want a long-term commitment. No casual sex.

Needs: Love, kindness, understanding, listening skills, monotonous, no games.

Hobbies: Righting wrongs, fighting criminals.

Loves: All animals, but I have a fondness for cats.

Lives on Mt Olympus

Daughter of Gaia and Uranous

Looking for: Someone to spend long nights with, a tender lover, listener, and friend. Someone who I can bounce ideas off of and trust.

Greek God Dating App Current Conversations

Now, this is more of a character study. Actually, this is how I get to know the characters in my novels. I write long passages about their lives, loves, and major events that happened, just to round out the character and make them whole. Of course, I do not put all this in my stories. You’d be asking, where’s the romance?

And who wants to read a story that has a “Turkey Festival” in Europe in 1200 AD? Wasn’t possible, gotta have facts peppered in the best way possible-without upsetting history if you want your story to be believable.

I do, however, want to take care to stay near the 12 and 11 century BCE at the beginning of my series, the Queens of the Underworld which will be released in the Realm of Darkness Boxset. The Prequel is set about 12 BCE and follows the stories through Homer to the Greek Tragedy. Books 1, 2, & 3 Time travel from current, to past, to current. Why you ask? Because of the change in ideas.

During the war with Troy, something happened. Before the war, there weren’t large city-states, all men belong to what I would call a feudal system. You belong to your lord, and he was the judge, jury, and executioner. After Troy, the people gravitated to cities and no longer had lords, so the laws had to change, who better able to punish someone than their peers?

Themis, the Beginning.

Daughter of Gaia and Uranus.

She represented the natural and moral order. Her name derives from the Greek word meaning that which is current and contemporary. Her marriage, as the second wife of Zeus, helped the Olympian god stabilize his power over all gods and humans. She was the law and provided undisputed order, which was the divine right. She created the divine laws that govern everything and everyone, including the gods.

Except Zeus. He was ornery.

Themis built the Oracle at Delphi and was herself oracular. Themis was present at Delos to witness the birth of Apollo, and nursed him with nectar and ambrosia. According to Ovid, it was Themis rather than Zeus who told Deucalion to throw the bones of “his Mother” over his shoulder to create a new race of humankind after the deluge.[14] 

So, after Zeus destroyed the earth, leaving only two humans, it was Themis who was behind the creation of man.

In some accounts, Themis and the nymph Amalthea served as the foster-mothers and nurses of the young Zeus.[19] Yes, Themis was Zeus’s aunt and wife for a while.

Three main facts about Themis- She was the goddess of natural order through the Hores- the seasonal and never-ceasing rotation of time. Goddess of moral order through her daughters by Zeus, including the Keres Demon Bane, who’s in my novels. Eunomia (minor goddess of law and legislation, as well as the spring-time goddess of green pastures), Dike (trial-the goddess of justice and the spirit of moral order and fair judgment), and Erene (Peace- She was depicted in art as a beautiful young woman carrying a cornucopia, scepter, and a torch or rhyton.) which gave society order) and through the Moires- the three fates which some have as Themis children by Zeus (Others say by Nyx), which is the destiny of every human and finally, the goddess of prophecy.

So, Justice, Time, and Prophecy. This is who she is in my series.

Themis at Delphi. You’ve heard of the Oracle of Delphi, right? Well, Themis was the second oracle, taking over from her mother, Gaia. She gave up the oracle at Delphi to Apollo. Now, why would she do that? She was all-powerful then she kinda poof, she’s in the background. Why? This is the pivotable moment that I go after in Themis’s story. Where was she?

In the Greek Tragedies, there is a trail that puts aside the old laws of Themis. She is nowhere to be found during the trial, which I find odd. Her daughter Dike takes over at the trial, Apollo and Athena are there, and so are the Furies which served Themis and gave punishments for disobedience. She was a vengeful one.

The Furies are also known as The Erinyes they live in Erebus (Darkness) and are more ancient than any of the Olympian deities. Their task is to hear complaints brought by mortals against the ‘pollution of the blood’.-which is a whole ‘nother subject, but basically, it is a blood bond- to punish crimes by hounding culprits relentlessly. The Furies are crones and, depending upon authors, described as having snakes for hair, dog’s heads, coal-black bodies, bat’s wings, and blood-shot eyes. In their hands, they carry brass-studded scourges, and their victims die in torment.[1] At the end of the Greek Tragedies, the Furies are marched off to a cave at the base of the court, to live their lives out there.

So, Themis lost everything. Her daughter Dike takes over, she melts into the background. And in Themis, Queens of the Underworld Prequel, Zeus has betrayed her- and she must take her revenge- and revenge is best served cold.

*Note to my fabulous editor. I tried. You could work wonders with this, but it’s 1 am, and Grammarly isn’t working.


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