Myths, Gods, and Romance Greek God Dating App coming soon!!!!

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New Series Detailing those Onery Gods.

In honor of my latest series, starting out with a Prequel in the Realm Of Darkness Boxset, I’m going to start a weekly blog about the different gods that you’ll find in my FOUR BOOK series The Queens of the Underworld.

All books will be coming out at the same time! So, NO WAITING! Book 1-3 are almost finished and awaiting their covers! You can order the Stand Alone Prequel full book in the Realm of Darkness right now! Oh, and if you order on Kobo or iBooks, don’t forget to grab your free gift!

Next week I’ll dive in with Zeus… and we all know about him! So, let’s take a look at a few of his naughtier myths. If you have one you’d like to submit, send me a PM. Everyone has a favorite story about Zeus.

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That’s all. Tune in the same time next week for some sexy Zeus stories. Or as sexy as I can post them.

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