Erotica Showcase- Godiva Glenn. The First Chapter

Rarely does a writer come along who wows you as she drags you deep into her story.  Godiva Glenn is one of those authors. Godiva is one of my all time favorites.  Deep, sexy, and full of those special moments you’ll be reminiscing about for some time. Remember, mature audiences beyond this point.  You’re either 21 or you’re out of here.


Wedding Antics.  Introducing the first in many steamy adventures in the Godiva Glenn short story universe.

Ava’s flown across the country to attend her best friend’s wedding. But being a single stranger at an event encompassing love and happily ever afters isn’t looking so good now. Lucky for her, one of the groomsmen is willing to overstep her boundaries and give her a night of anonymous memories.

She wasn’t looking for a persistent suitor, but once his hands are on her, her protests fall apart. What is there to lose? No names, no strings, and very few limits on the fun. Ava and her stranger are in for a wild ride.


And now to the First Chapter.



Ava skimmed the bottles behind the bartender and groaned.
“Yeah, they got the open bar but didn’t splurge on the top-shelf package,” a deep voice announced, mirroring her thoughts.
She turned to see who had spoken. Tall, dark, and handsome was an understatement. He stood over her even with the five-inch heels gracing her feet, and his eyes and hair were an intoxicating chocolate brown to contrast his pale skin. Her eyes drifted lower. Black vest with lilac boutonniere.
She gave him a polite smile and left drink-less. She was lonely but not lonely enough to flirt with a member of the wedding party.
The windows were spotted with windblown raindrops from the drizzling outside. She wandered towards the covered walkway, seeking fresh air away from a party of people she knew very few of, and just as she stepped out, the few people already outside made their way back in.
Either that was a coincidence or I’m some sort of pariah.
She pulled a cigarette from her purse and was looking for a lighter, but a hand reached around and plucked the cigarette from her lips. It went flying into the wet parking lot, and she turned to find herself chest to chest with the man from the bar.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” she sputtered.
He held his hands up as if giving up and took a step back. “Hey. Just trying to make my night better.” She arched a brow and looked him over again, waiting for an explanation. “I don’t like to kiss women who smoke.”
“Yeah. Alright. Who said I’d be kissing you?” She grabbed the pack again and pulled out another cigarette.
“Well you don’t have to. It’s just nice. Goes well with fucking.”
Her hand froze and she blinked, wondering if she was hearing things.
“You left too quick for me to pull any smooth moves. Then the cigarette… seems like I needed to rush things to get your attention.” He motioned to her hand, which had crushed the cigarette between shaky fingers.
He was probably teasing but it had been forever since she’d last had sex and her body couldn’t tell the difference between flirting and joking.
“I… no thanks.” She looked away, because damn he looked even better this close, and his eyes looked like a naughty movie was playing behind them.
“Why do I suspect you don’t want to say no? And I’m not being a creep, just observant. You’re from out of town aren’t you? I’ve never seen you before tonight.”
She nodded and gestured to his vest. “Only here for the weekend. I’m observant too. Wedding party. Troy’s one of my best friends, and I know all of his groomsmen save for the ones that are his bride’s brothers. Which makes you one of them.”
“So I barely know her, but I doubt banging one of her brothers at her wedding will endear me to her.”
“I don’t plan on telling if you don’t.”
“And Troy?”
“Nope. Our secret, I promise. I just want to defile you, not disrespect you.”
She nodded slowly, glancing away from his smoldering stare and wondering if he was for real or if this was some elaborate prank to embarrass her. “I’ll think about it.”
“No thinking… uh… didn’t catch your name. I’m-”
“No names,” She interrupted.
He grinned and stepped close again, engulfing her in his large frame. Warmth radiated from him. His hand instantly slid down her bare back to cup her ass and give a squeeze so firm that he seemed more familiar with her body than possible given his stranger status. Chuckling softly, he leaned down, and when he spoke his breath tickled her neck and made shivers erupt along her skin.
“You seem hesitant. How do I change that?”
He gave her ass another squeeze. His touch felt like ownership; not unsure in the least. He was confident. Though she liked her men a little cocky, his attitude combined with his magnetic presence left her off balance.
“You’re acting a bit presumptive, don’t you think?” she asked coolly, trying to pretend that he hadn’t riled her.
“Presumptive.” He laughed and once again her body reacted as if a cold breeze had slipped through her dress. “I’m just observant, like I said.”
She pulled away and turned, not because she didn’t want him touching her but because she was having trouble thinking. She stared out into the dark wet parking lot and considered heading back in. He wrapped a hand around her waist and the other snaked around her front and gripped between her legs, massaging through the dark bronze silk of her dress. Her lips parted and gasped.
His lips whispered against her ears. “You’re wearing fuck-me-heels and your dress is so skimpy that it’s teetering on the edge of being too scandalous to wear to a wedding. You’ve checked out my package at least six times since we started talking. And I’m grabbing your pussy right now and you’ve yet to complain. Clearly, I don’t misread women.”
“You’ll be missed. You can’t skip the reception,” She reasoned, heart pounding, knees trembling.
There were other excuses but they didn’t make it to her lips. Her body melted against him.
“I only know family in there. They’ll understand why I ditched my baby sister’s wedding reception. I have nothing in common with all of her theater friends. I have something in common with you.” He was now rubbing her pussy in firm circles through the flimsy fabric of her dress and it took her a moment to respond. Arousal tugged low in her. She squirmed against his strokes and stifled a moan before speaking.
“We… both hate cheap rum and cokes?”
“No. We both want me in you. Preferably immediately. Now. Seriously.” He started to lift her dress and she pressed her ass against him, giving up on trying to stay reasonable.
“Alright… shit. I’m in a double. The hotel was packed and all the singles got roommates.”
“My room it is then. I promise no unpleasant interruptions.” He released her and pushed her towards the doors back to the lobby, patting her ass with encouragement. “Go. I’ll follow at a respectable distance. Third floor. Three-seventeen.”




gunmetal-1584972_1920I can’t wait for the next chapter.  If that doesn’t give you a taste for Godiva’s writing, check out our next piece.  Supernatural Delights: A Paranormal Playground Book.  I love this one, too.  Powerful writing, great story.  


The Erotica Showcase presents Supernatural Delights: A Paranormal Playground Book, the First Chapter.




Gabe shrugged, adjusting his black leather jacket while he walked.
“Nervous?” Aaron asked.
“Of course not.”
“Good. You’ll have plenty of tail to choose from tonight, trust me. Glad you ditched the costume idea—ladies like a free spirit.”
“I am in costume,” Gabe muttered. He glanced down at his navy t-shirt and black slacks.
“As what?”
“The Doctor.”
Aaron scoffed and glanced over, giving Gabe a quick sweep of his eyes. “Maybe don’t tell anyone that.”
They turned the corner, and Gabe saw the large house that was hosting what was supposed to be the Halloween party of the decade. He’d believe it. Already, people crowded the lawn, and music drifted from beyond the high ivy-laden fence around the backyard.
“It’s easy for you to go without a costume,” he pointed out.
Aaron simply nodded.
Though Gabe was a run of the mill human, Aaron was a werewolf, and though he was vague about discussing it, he was an important member of his pack. Aaron looked human, like any all-American guy with brown hair and blue eyes, but he had something about him that set him apart. Some inherent vibe that made women salivate and guys feel on edge. No one would care that he didn’t choose to dress up.
“Tonight, you have no idea how true that is,” Aaron smirked.
“Ready to explain why you’re so hyped about attending this party?”
Aaron stopped in his tracks and lifted his arms as if giving the dark sky a wide hug. He sucked in a deep breath and grinned.
“Ley lines.”
“You can’t see them, but I can feel them. Mystical alignments etched deep into the earth. They exist all over the world, humming to my kind.” He lowered his arms and nodded to himself. “This party is supernatural friendly. Most of the guests will be human and clueless, but there should be plenty of others as well. All drawn to the ley lines and how wonderful they feel on All Hallows Eve.”
“The host isn’t human?”
“Oh, she is. Layla’s just a bit of a crazy one. She’s psychic, or she was when she was younger. Now she’s just… well, I already said crazy right? She likes to act as a liaison for us supernatural types. So she throws this party every so often and invites everyone. Like I said, though, the humans are mostly unaware of anything out of the ordinary. They just see it as a chance to see inside the famed Wiltmore place. This house has been in her family for years. The location is perfect for divination.” He started walking towards the house, which looked like a clean, crowded version of a haunted mansion. “And tonight, it’s perfect for a party.”
They made their way up the steps and into the crowd. The house was sprawling, so that even with the large number of revelers, the interior wasn’t stifling. Gabe looked around, slightly anxious. Aaron had insisted he come tonight and get laid to forget about his ex. When the topic was broached two weeks ago, it sounded great. Now, Gabe wasn’t so sure. People don’t really just hook up like that at parties, do they?
“Feels good already,” Aaron half-growled. “I love Halloween. And the wome-” He stopped speaking and narrowed his eyes.
Gabe traced his line of vision and saw the back of a woman in a bright red cloak that hit her knees. Her legs were miles of pale skin and she stood in shiny black spiked boots. Little Red Riding Hood. She turned and revealed a red latex minidress.
“Damn,” Gabe breathed. “I guess you found your conquest for the night. Fairytale fantasy huh?”
As if she heard, Red Riding Hood looked their way. Her ruby lips curled into a seductive smile and she pulled back her hood so that thick strawberry-blonde curls cascaded out. She winked, and Gabe startled. Aaron growled softly, the sound barely escaping his throat.
“No. I may slum with humans but it takes a special pervert to fuck a corpse.”
Across the room, the woman laughed at something, and turned away, giving them her back once more.
Aaron guided the two of them to a different room and muttered to himself.
“Vam-” Gabe stopped himself and then lowered his voice before continuing, “vampire?”
Gabe peered back at the doorway they’d passed through, not that he could see the woman anymore. “Is it going to be okay? Aren’t you guys… Mortal enemies?”
Aaron shrugged and tossed Gabe a beer he’d snagged from a nearby cooler. “Something like that. But this party is neutral, so no fights. Besides, that one… that’s Elissa. For a parasite, she’s actually alright. I just like to give her a hard time. Not literally, of course.”
“Elissa,” Gabe repeated to himself, recalling the vampire.
“Don’t go there. I’ve had dealings with her before but I still wouldn’t trust her with your neck. Or your dick.”
“Sounds good to me.” Gabe took a swig of his beer and surveyed the room, happy to dismiss his prospects with the undead. “You do realize I have no experience picking up women? I was with the same one through high school and college. I don’t even think I could call my skills rusty. They’ve long degenerated.”
“It’s easy.” Aaron crumpled his can and tossed it aside, having downed it within seconds. “For you, I’d find one of the little geek birds. Like that one over there dressed like Tinkerbell.”
Gabe shook his head. “Tinkerbell isn’t geeky, so you know.” He nodded to a group by the corner. “Hmm. Lara Croft may be.”
“You aren’t ready for Lara. Lara would chew you up and spit you out—and that’s not a euphemism.”
Gabe shrugged. “What are you looking for, since the Red Riding Hood fantasy is a no-go?”
“When have I ever expressed a Red Riding Hood fetish?”
“Never, but it makes complete sense.”
Aaron grinned mischievously. “Yeah it does. Maybe another night. For tonight… I just want some plush pillows. Something I can just plow my… oh. Wonder Woman… look at that.”
Gabe watched Aaron work his way towards a group of superheroes. That was settled. Gabe chugged the rest of his beer and grabbed another one. He didn’t expect Aaron to chaperone him around tonight, or even act as a wingman, so he was fine on his own. He didn’t know that he’d be as lucky as Aaron…
“Hi,” a bright feminine voice said from behind him.
He spun around and found a dream come true. She was short and wearing a filmy white dress and white flats. Her olive skin seemed to have a golden glow to it, and actually, at second glance, everything about her seemed radiant somehow. Her eyes were a gem-like green, her lips full and pouty. And her hair. He’d never seen a girl with soft lavender hair before, and hers fell about her shoulders in gentle waves. A plush silver horn was nestled in the middle of it.
“Unicorn,” he said, dumbfounded.
“Yes! You get it then? I wasn’t sure if I did it right,” she chirped. Her voice was high and musical. “And you… you’re what? Some sort of bad boy?”
Gabe blinked while she examined him head to toe. “I’m… the Doctor.”
“A doctor?”
“Yeah… just forget it. I’m Gabe.”
She held out her hand, though he hadn’t extended his. He took it and they awkwardly shook.
“And you are?” he asked.
“Oh! Oh. Sorry. I’m Vella.” Her cheeks flushed a deep plum color and she bowed her head.
“It’s… I mean, nothing to apologize for.” She nodded quickly but kept her head down. “So, your costume is really clever. You look nice. Pretty, I mean.”
Her face lifted to search his. Whatever she was looking for, she seemed pleased, because she smiled again. “I like your clothing as well. You look dangerous. Serious.” Her smile changed from sweet to something he couldn’t define. “Like someone who would be nice to have for a night.”
He nodded because he wasn’t sure how to respond. Is she talking about what I think she’s talking about? She moved close to him, breaching what would be appropriate for polite conversation. Tiny hands pressed to his chest and she peered up at him, licking her lips.
“Would you like to spend time with me tonight? We could-” she furrowed her brow and pursed her lips, “umm, get to know each other?”
“Yeah, that sounds great,” he said as calmly as he could manage.
A squeal of delight left her throat and she took his answer as an invitation to get even closer. She pressed her body against him, small breasts flattening against his chest and making him aware—really aware—of his needs. Years in a predictable relationship with infrequent sex had left him a bit of a eunuch. But the feel of Vella’s breasts stirred him now, and he allowed his hands to hold her gently about the waist, since she seemed set on invading his personal space. She reached up and touched his hair with a mannerism of curiosity.
“I like this,” she said aloud, but almost to herself. “You’re an attractive male.”
“Thanks? I mean, I’m rather plain.”
“No. Not plain.”
“Brown hair, brown eyes, boring face. I’ve seen me. You don’t have to flatter me.”
She chuckled softly. “Hmm. Your hair is colored like… mousey, I think they say, but it’s so soft. I like how it feels against my palm. And your face isn’t boring. It’s yours.” She withdrew slightly and squinted at him, then relaxed and moved close enough that they could almost kiss. “Your eyes have golden flecks, and the left one has a tiny patch of green. They aren’t bad. I could stare into them happily.”
“I don’t think anyone’s ever looked that close at them.”
“Hmm. Are both of your parents human?”
“Huh? Yeah. I mean, aren’t yours?” What was she talking about?
“We should find some place quiet. To talk.”
“I guess. I don’t know if that’s actually possible though. I would think only the woods aren’t overrun with people at this point,” he said, looking around at the growing party.
“I know places.” She took his hand and shivered. “You feel very good, Gabe.”
While Vella dragged him by the hand through several rooms, Gabe quickly checked for Aaron, but he was nowhere to be found.

Godiva Glenn 450

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  1. Wedding Antics drops you (naked) straight into a sexy story line. Zero messing around, zero cringey dialogue, and plenty fantastically detailed description. Would definitely recommend 🔥🙌

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