Book Review – No Regrets in Paris

Book Discussion and reviews of No Regrets In Paris. Come join us.

Very Sherry Terry

A little about Jim first:

Currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, Jim has spent countless hours in bars and hotels while traveling internationally, making some interesting life choices along the way. He’s lived in Paris, London, Sofia, and all across the United States. An avid traveler and sports fan, he can often be found telling stories in his local pub. With degrees in political science and IT, Jim is used to talking at length about nothing in particular. To learn more about Jim and his writing, visit his blog.

RA Winter’s Review: 4 Stars

No Regrets in Paris is a different type of romance. It’s from a guys point of view, which in itself is pretty novel. So, what does a guy do after getting dumped… have you ever wondered? Read No Regrets in Paris to find out.

There are bits that might make you cringe. There is a lot…

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One thought on “Book Review – No Regrets in Paris

  1. I didn’t mind the cursing or drinking or casual drug use. The book was so well done, I want more from this author. I enjoyed reading No Regrets in Paris very much. I learned a lot about men and how they think. Job well done, Jim Tacon.


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