Author help with Marketing

I’m horrible at marketing.  I don’t feel comfortable spamming Facebook or my blog.  I’m hoping that reviews or word of mouth will do better.  It doesn’t, so I need to condense and spend less time marketing on ‘0’ returns and more on actual sales.

house falling down

Contemporary Native American Romance is a small niche.  Very small.  I have to find my readers and that’s not easy.

Often, I’m scrambling to find out which websites drags traffic to Amazon.  The easiest way to see who’s buying or at least clicking on your links?

And it’s free.


After you set up a Free Account, create different links for the same product.

For instance: Facebook links on certain channels for my novel Little Sparrow.

Now, my blog link to Little Sparrow.

When I do an author interview or takeover, I’ll use a different one.

Each day, I check Bitly to see which ‘channel’ had the most clicks.  This should, in theory, tell me where my traffic is coming from.  If it is 75-100% from Facebook, I know it’s time to do some Facebook ads. If it is from my blog, maybe an Amazon ad would be better. If one site is giving me top sales, well, it’s time to promote there!

The number of links you create will depend on what feedback you’re looking for.  You can even create links per ‘page’ that you’ve promoted on.  I will, once things settle down.  I have a lot going on right now.

I haven’t given this a lot of effort yet, I’m not great at marketing.  I dabble occasionally.  I’d rather be writing or …. freaking edit-freaking-ing my latest piece.  Which is what I should be doing now.

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