Behind the scenes: Always with You


The Bowman’s Inn is a unique project. Love surrounds all of the characters and each writer brings in their own steam levels. There are a few rules everyone has to follow. Cupid works ‘undercover’ at a bar and has a quota of true love matches he must procure. Enter Mandy, Cupid’s love interest. She has her own special ‘love’ ability. A tattoo glows on her wrist when she touches two people with true love buried just below the surface. Cupid prepares a drink for one, to open their heart to the possibility.

But, not every love is within easy reach.

I’ve always wanted to write a time travel romance. I love Native American history and personally, I don’t think we learn enough about it in the school systems. I learned more about the English wars, the French Revolution and the Crusades than I ever did about the history of the ground I was standing on.

And everything is written from a European perceptive.

Maybe it’s because most Americans are from Europe…but shouldn’t we know more?


My story is set around the Canyon de Chelley ruins. The Old Ones as they are called. Ancient Palo-Indians. Little is known about these people who ate mastodons, ran from siber-toothed tigers and made dogs and turkeys their pets . Ingenious, they developed woven baskets and used the environment in harmony with their needs.

My piece, ‘Always with You’, is my take on an old Southwestern Native American creation story. Hanyetu-wi is the darkness, Anpao is the dawn and Wi is the sun. ‘Han’ is cursed to spend eternity running from the oppressive Wi and bask in the glory and coolness of Anpao. Han and Anpao only have a few moments alone each day before Wi, as the sun, chases the lovers apart.

So, I made a love story. A cursed Han, who spends many life-times at his loves side as a dog. He took her for granted, so now he must follow her through many lives as a constant companion. Always faithful, always there, but never able to communicate his love or take her in his arms. Finally, he meets Cupid, the only one with ‘connections’ that can rewrite history.


And this time, he promises it will end better.

Can they break the curse and live happily ever after?


Back in time we travel, to when Han was a young warrior. Ann is a spunky young 21st century woman thrown into a dangerous world. War is on the horizon, Wi’s men are taking prisoners. Can Han redeem himself and earn the privilege of being human?

Find out in the Spring/Summer edition of the Bowman’s Inn Anthology.



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