Give someone the gift of a smile

Today, I dolled myself up.  A ‘pick me up’ if you will.  It’s been a tough sixteen months since I injured myself.

I put on my new orange dress a knit sweater and went out… grocery shopping.  Not the best place to wear a pretty outfit but after being in pain for so long and still struggling without a cane for support, I wanted to do something for myself.

The last year and a half I’ve lived with leg braces and pain.  My knees looked horrible, swollen and painful and peeked out under the dress. But I wanted to feel pretty, a least for a moment.  I let my husband do the major part of the shopping, then sat down while he stood in line to pay for our purchases.

A lovely lady came up to me.  “Oh, you look gorgeous in that outfit.  I just had to tell you how much I love it.”  Then she skidded away into a sea of faces.

I haven’t smiled so much in a very long time.  I don’t dress to please other people, I dress for myself and today I wanted a pick me up.

She gave it to me in spades.

I’ve always made it a point to tell someone ‘I like your shoes/boots/dress/haircut’ but I’ve never had someone say it to me.

Thank you, kind lady.  I will continue passing the good feeling along.

And by the way… You look fabulous today.

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