Free Promos on Amazon

Ra Winter Writer

August 9th through the 11th, both of my books will be free on Amazon. Promos start around 3am est.

Free promotions are a way to connect with readers, and more importantly, to get reviews and feedback from the community. Reviews are hard to come by and are greatly appreciated. You can review my book on Amazon, (just click on my book link after you’ve read it), Goodreads or my Facebook page.

The Kiowa in Love Contemporary Series takes the reader on a trip through self-exploration, marrying the spirit of Native American culture with love and humor. Each book revolves around Grandfather, a long lost soul who wishes only the best for his granddaughters. He demands that his granddaughters honor themselves before finding love and fulfilling their destiny. Nevertheless, if you cannot find your Indian on your own, he will find it for you, whether you want him to, or not.

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