Proof Reader, Editor, Copy Editor- What’s the Difference?

To all of us who are writing a book and thinking about hiring someone, here’s a cheat sheet for you.
Editor- An editor will change your text, looking for flow and readability. They cut your work down to the bare bones looking for inconsistencies and redundancies.
Proofreader- After the editor is finished- you send your book to a proofreader. Their job is to check for spelling and grammar.
Copy Editor- their job is specialized and they normally cost more. They will proofread your work checking for technical errors in your field of expertise. These editors are usually not for fiction works, unless as an example- your writing about the 13th century and want all of your facts correct.

On my first work I had a wonderful editor, M.F.Baldaulf. Lots of red squiggly lines but alas, I lost that copy. I just used a proofreader- Ink and Quill Proofreading Services. They were very fast and I’m happy with their work.


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