A word of caution. Me and my bad luck.

Today I had a bad review of a book that I’ve had so much trouble with. It was irritating to say the least. The comment was that it was a good story but the pink and blue splotches over the book were annoying… Pink and blue splotches?

I honestly have no idea where those came from. When I look at the manuscript on my computer, no splotches, when I look at my book online… no splotches.

When I had a friend look at my book, he saw SPLOTCHES… so, who’s the artist here? Is there a bug somewhere or is it just my bad luck??

My luck, not bad luck, just MINE!! Anyway, I noticed that when I did my create space novel, which I took weeks to put in page numbers, headers, footers and drop caps to my liking, that it was copied over to Amazon somehow. Maybe I accidentally did it, I don’t know but a written novel manuscript does not work for an ebook manuscript.

Here is a GREAT resource for ebook manuscripts http://catherineryanhoward.com/2010/09/06/how-to-format-your-e-book-the-non-migraine-inducing-way/ Also, one point she didn’t have is to make your margins .5 all around.


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