CAM00351 I would like to introduce you to my son’s dog. His name is Kempack, he’s a cross between Goofy and Scooby Dumb. Notice his tongue sticking out? It’s usually there and hilarious to see in person! This is Kempeck’s story.
Noah opened the door, one cold January morning and in ran a puppy. The pup climbed up onto his shoulders, clawing him as he went, looking for warmth. The lost pup had no hair on his body and he was one dirty, stinky dog. He had frost bite on most of his body and was almost skeletal from lack of food. We have no idea how long the puppy was outside but since the moment my son gave him some food, Kempeck will not leave his side. That moment started a fast friendship between the two.
You’ll notice that even while it is June, Kempeck has no hair on 40% of his body. The good thing is that with care some of his skin has turned pink. He still has black patches on most of his body, very little hair but his boy parts are no longer swollen and odd looking. Kempeck aims to please and his main goal in life is a cuddle from Noah. Kempeck still stinks from the frostbite and requires baths daily which he enjoys immensely.
Whoever put this poor puppy outside on a snowy night should be ashamed of themselves. The temperature was below zero and the puppy had no collar or tags to identity his home. We tried to find the owner, we put up ads thinking that you had ‘lost’ him but no one came forward. If Noah hadn’t opened the door that night, Kempeck would have died a very horrible slow death in the cold, all alone.

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