Today I found out that I had been pirated, that my books were up on a site for free.  I was mad, irritated and angry!  I work hard writing and promoting my work.  If I want to give them away, which I occasionally do, it is on MY terms.

However, I found a quick note at the end of the page, it said,

Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love | By RA Winter, these are great books that I think are not only fun to read but also very educational.

It was the nicest thing a reader has ever said about me.  Pirated or not, I am humbled and pleased.

I have to tell you that for the past week, I have been very nervous.  I asked for professional reviews of my books and I told them to publish  their reviews, whether they was good or bad.  At first my thoughts were, hey, if they hate it, then I’m not a good writer.  Afterwards, it scared me because this is what I love to do!  Reviews are every writers reward.  Good reviews are validation for the writing community.  We strive for those few readers to write, “Oh, loved it.”  However, a professional reviewer will pick apart your plot, characters and grammar *lol*.  To have a professional critique my work is scary.

But then I found this note, and I know that I will NEVER be the next Jane Austen but I have become, at least in one little unsuspecting pirate’s eyes, someone who writes great books that are fun to read and educational.  

That is all I’ve ever wanted from my writing.

Learn a little, Love a Little, Laugh while you do it, The Kiowa in Love Series.


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