Free today and tomorrow on Amazon! Full review of The Architect’s Essence: Salvation and Ruin

The Architect’s Essence: Salvation and Ruin a Kindle Edition by D.R. Johnson (Author), Suzannah Johnson (Editor), Gary Carroll (Editor), Andrew Read (Illustrator) 529 pages.
A well thought out world captivates and entertains and that’s exactly what D.R. Johnson did for me.
The Architect’s Essence begins with the creation of an epic world with conflict and war. This book has it all, the undead, mystery, mayhem and immortals to name a few. A primal conflict among species and the Architect’s Essence is at the center of it all. The Fight has just begun.
D.R.’s map of the world. The Known Expanse (Shiny)
D.R. envelopes the reader into a new unknown world effortlessly, providing the thrill of a good sword fight, the horrors of the undead descending on an unsuspecting city and a flight of fancy on a dragon’s wings. Oh, did I mention a wee bit of girl on girl action? No? Has it!
If you love Science Fiction, new worlds that stretch your imagination, you’ll love the Architect’s Essence: Salvation and Ruin. Remember, no one is just a number.


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