Indie Author Covers DIY

Honestly, I never thought that a book cover would be that important. I assumed that the WORDS were important, but alas, I was wrong! I had a couple of sites refuse to include my book because they stated that my cover was no professional.
So, as with every new Indie Author, I decided to do it myself. I just didn’t realize how hard that was going to be. First, you need an image and if you are on a zero budget, that can be hard. I found images for free on Don’t let the name fool you, they have some interesting photo’s with great depth. There are some other sites to that offer free or low cost images. Just make sure that they allow you to use it as a book cover.
My second problem came with finding a software to fit my needs. I found this site You can upload your own images or use theirs for 1.00, some of their images are free but I like the ability to use 2 images or more and have them fade into one another. I also like some of their fonts.
Amazon has a cover creator but I’m not that crazy about it, there are others.
I would appreciate it if you would add links to other sites where you create your images and/or software that you use. I will post more sites as time allows and also add in some webpages where you can get free images.
If you’d like some help, leave a comment and I’ll help out. Maybe we could help each other!

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