My day

Why is it that I dread going to bed at night, wanting to stay up as long as possible. Nevertheless, every morning I wake up and wish that I could spend hours longer in bed?
Is it just me or are their other sleep hypocrites out there?

2 thoughts on “My day

  1. First of all thank you for following my blog, and although I don’t automatically reciprocate, I do when what I find is interesting – like here.
    Yes, please don’t worry about being a sleep hypocrite. I only work a couple of days per week, but I find myself writing until I argue with myself about how much more I can go on – and then I go to bed, shattered.
    In the morning, like today, I’m sitting here at a little after 6.30am, emails and Facebook being checked before I put together a page or two before going to work, and at some time today, I’ll wish I could have a lie down – but I’ll get over it.


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