Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love

Little Sparrow is a romantic comedy about embracing Native American heritage and love. The story revolves around Grandfather, a collector of grandchildren, trying his best to preserve his heritage while making sure his grandchildren are happy.
Karen is one of Grandfather’s lost. She “thinks” she’s happy in New York, but Grandfather’s devised a plan to get her home and hooked up with a man.Karen has no idea that she’s being manipulated into coming home for Thanksgiving. A horrible storm forces her to spend the night in a hotel.. with a man she just met!Richard had lost his wife years ago and hadn’t opened his heart to anyone, until he met Karen. They’d hit if off so well. Everything was going perfectly, until she’d run away from him and swore never to sleep with him again.

Back home, Thanksgiving had turned into a complete fiasco. Her mother was selling the family farm, her dog was ill, and she’d slept with a man who could end her career, only to find out that her mother had invited him to Thanksgiving!

Enter Grandfather. He helped raise Karen the Kiowa way. He wants Karen to find herself, she’s lost the Indian in her. She’d run away from her family, but now she was home and he needs to find a way to keep her there, with him. He needs to pass his heritage on to the next generation before they became lost, too.

Grandfather took one look at Richard and decided to put him through the trials, No one courted one of his granddaughters unless they were worthy. Grandfather had to make sure that Richard would honor their ways. But even if Richard passed Grandfather’s trials, could Grandfather convince the both of them that they belong together and in Kansas?

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