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I’m RA Winter, I’m currently writing romantic comedies with Native American undertones.  I touch on topics such as finding, accepting and embracing yourself, and all of your quirks. My novels are humorous, exposing a slightly naughty side,

My current series, A Kiowa in Love, currently has two books.  The first book is Little Sparrow, the second is Painted Girl.  The series centers around Grandfather and his need to collect grandchildren.  He plots, he schemes but nothing  turns out the way it’s planned.

Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love, free on Kindle Select or 2.99

Grandfather is known for his one liners, so I thought I’d post a few today from my new book.  My next blog will  touch on Grandfather’s story, I hope you’ll join me!

“Nothing wrong with my backside, Hatalii.  I washed it today.”  Grandfather said.

“I may need glasses, or a blind fold, I don’t know which though.”

“Your nether parts spend so much time outdoors, they should be sunburned by now.”

“Man never has underwear on.  I should buy him some lipstick for Christmas.”  Grandfather laughed.

“His man parts haven’t been working lately; they needed a lift.”

“It must have shriveled up in the cold.”  Grandfather told her.

“Oh good, I thought maybe you named him after dingleberries.” Grandfather said, relaxing.

“A hawk should not eat Chinese food, It would be bad for their digestion.”

“He doesn’t have a cold, Doc Tate, your treating the wrong head.  He’s not cold, he’s too hot for my granddaughter.”

“Find your Indian, or I will find him for you, and give him a piece of my mind for being so slow.”

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